Poor Performance

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That was a very poor performance yesterday from the President of the United States of America. Fake tears and all. No Oscars there (though his speech-writer deserves one for pulling every drop of political advantage out of the situation!). The hypocrisy was even worse. The day I see someone in high office in the US stand up in tears (real ones) and apologise for all the children across the world who have been killed by the Amerikan War Machine (and promise “never again”) I will know that something is happening to human consciousness. In Iraq alone, between 30% and 40% of all those killed by US forces have been children. That is a huge number. Many tens of thousands at least. It is characteristically narcissistic (and jingoistic) for people in the USA to ignore that and shed tears (and seek the world’s sympathy) only when those of their own group are destroyed. Selective sorrow is unacceptable when it concerns the deliberate killing of children. Example is the most powerful form of education. When governments run around the world killing loads of people (including civilian women and children), unstable types quickly get the message that mass murder is somehow acceptable. That’s the lesson. Tragic though it was, the few kids killed at the school in Connecticut this week were a mere microcosm of the global massacres and mass murders that their parents and grandparents have been tacitly or explicitly supporting across the world for decades. I’m sorry to have to say this but there needs to be some perspective in the face of the neglectful emotionalism being paraded across the media at the moment.

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