Imagine if I announced…

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IMAGINE IF I ANNOUNCED that I was writing a novel about a civilisation on a planet where what people eat is determined by corporations whose *only* desire is to make huge amounts of money and most of what they produce is not only non-nutritious but actually harmful, in that they cause a welter of serious conditions such as cancer, obesity, behavioural disorders, heart & and circulatory disease. What’s more, those corporations continually advertise their “foodstuffs” by making out as if they are healthy, yet no advertising standards authority ever stops them and governments continually support them. And, what’s even more is that anyone who tries to expose all this is publicly ridiculed and ostracised or even assassinated (while “scientists” are sponsored to write “independent” whitewash reports which exonerate the corporations’ activities). And, what’s even more than that, mostpeople just go along with it and eat all that shit even though they know it to be shit (that’s probably the most shocking part). People would say I was writing another “1984” and how relieved they were that such an awful thing couldn’t happen here. Until I told them that it wasn’t fiction! 😀

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