Train Crash near Santiago

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A number of friends from around the world have been asking me about the train crash near Santiago in northwest Spain which looks to have killed at least 80 of its 218 passengers. A few have insinuated that they think Spanish transport could be to blame as if it is not of a good standard. Let me say that my experience of the Spanish transport system is that it is extremely well-maintained and engineered. The train service is excellent. The roads are of a very high standard indeed. Driving on Spanish roads is to me a much more pleasant experience than driving, say, in the UK. The train crash today is a one-off occurrence in an otherwise very good record of service. Looking at the security camera footage of the impact, it is a miracle that anyone at all survived. And the vast number of Spanish public who went to the aid of the dying and injured is a real testament to the warm-heartedness of the people in this country. They didn’t hesitate to throw themselves into the fray. I know only too well that such an accident issues in a high number of amputations and even decapitations from flying glass and metal. Yet these people rushed from their houses with blankets without hesitation. Angels every one. I take my hat off to them and the emergency services too. Must be difficult for them to sleep tonight. A truly shattering experience. I’m sending hearty, supportive thoughts in their direction and that of the families of the dead and injured. How slender is the thread of life. An event like this puts things into perspective. Grasp the whole of life with both hands while you can. It’s as long as a whispered breath. Live each day as if it could be your last…

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