The packaging for my 14-track CD album

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The packaging for my 14-track CD album, “The End of the Song”, is being designed to my specifications right now in Switzerland. Very soon, the first 1000 will be printed/duplicated by a company in Madrid and sent to me, in time for the February release concert/party here in Tarifa. The image you see here is a mosaic of Euterpe (of the nine muses, this is the one specialising in music), to whom the title track refers. To whet your appetite, here are the lyrics of that song:

I’ve used up all my words —
emptied out my heart;
there’s nothing left to feel now or to say.
And even if this tune’s been done
a thousand times before,
these thoughts still burn a hole upon the page.

I’ve no more songs to sing —
No more tears to fall;
just a vacant space between my cries.
A burned-out page is all I’ve got
with ash instead of ink;
shiny golden truths have turned to lies.

When the song comes to an end
Desolation is your friend

My lightway to the Muse
has lost its silvery glow —
she turned her face and looked the other way.
Just before she did she said:
“You’re nothing to me now;
the spirit of your art you did betray”.

Her words cut right into me —
blew me clean apart;
made me see just where I’d gone astray.
And in that very moment
she whispered in my soul
how to mend the error of my ways.

When the song comes to an end
Desolation is your friend

Now when she saw me struggling
and gasping out for air
she knew that I had straightened out my mind.
For only when we give ourselves
completely to her deep
she reaches out a hand, her friends to find.

So let that be a warning
to all aspiring bards;
unfaithfulness the Muse will not endure.
The moment that we sell ourselves
for flattery or greed,
our song will end in shadows that’s for sure.

If our song comes to an end
Desolation is our friend

© Alan Morrison, 2013

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