Following on from my “Synchronicity Sonnet”

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book_nathan_explosive_meeting_karelijaFollowing on from my “Synchronicity Sonnet” yesterday… It works the other way too, in a kind of reverse syncronicity (asynchronism). If we go chasing after (or, to use a trendy phrase, try to “manifest” in our lives) something which has no rightful destiny for us, we will suffer one disappointment after the other. Worse, we might even be given that “something” which we are chasing precisely so that it will come to nothing (or even bring us to disaster) in order that we finally get the message that we should never have pursued it in the first place. As a wise man once put it: “Often, the thing that we think is best for ourselves is worst for our souls”. Everything is about tests and lessons. Until we wise up to that essential life-fact and stop putting our egos on a pedestal we are merely chasing our own tails in a never-ending narcissistic pole-dance.

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