Mercury Retrograde

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MERCURY RETROGRADE finishes on Saturday after a three week passage. I’ve never understood the huge fuss about this. It’s almost like a “victim cult” the way that people complain about Mercury going retrograde. People even dread it in advance and continually moan about its alleged effects in their lives, as if they are merely passive creatures being cruelly tortured by heavenly bodies! I’m convinced that the energy created by such dread and superstition can actually make things go wrong in our lives. Crazy! Firstly, the planet doesn’t really go backwards; it only *appears* to do so. “Appears” is the key word here. Even if things are delayed or go awry, that is only how they appear to be. It’s like when we say the sun isn’t shining; but it is… above the clouds. So don’t be fooled by superficial appearances. There is something far more profound behind the way that things appear. Second, so-called “bad” things happen for good reasons: to teach us valuable lessons. So instead of endlessly complaining about Mercury retrogrades, try transforming them into periods when we can take stock of ourselves, learn how to use our time and our minds better and adopt a “more haste less speed” attitude. Then, instead of dreading these periods in advance and whining about them neurotically, we will actually look forward to them with relish. 😉

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