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ANCIENT SCRIPTURE TEXT: “When thou seest that the lunaticks have taken over the asylum, then thou knowest that the end of the aeon draweth near. Thus, not only must thou watch and pray but thou must also prepare thyself in every way. For there will be divers earthquakes, fire and brimstone, pestilences, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Children will turn against their parents and brothers and sisters against one another as light and darkness cross their paths. There will be division in all corners. Many will be perplexed and turn to each other and say “What can this mean?” The sky will also then be darkened. And at that time will man’s haughtiness come to its apex and onto the stage of this present world there will be revealed one who is not a man (but sayeth that he is). And he will rise up and place himself on a throne made of the bones of the martyrs and call himself a being of light (though he be not of the Light). And many [most, ed.] will be deceived by him and throw flowers in his path and place laurels on his head and will sing his praises, for he will promise peace and salvation. Those few beings of the Light who will remain alive on this earth will in that time see all these things and know in their hearts what is truly coming to pass. And they will mourn for the folly of the world and, speaking the truth before man, they will open eyes and hearts of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Then will chaos break out once more and many [most, ed.] will be swallowed up by the earth and consumed by fire and brought to naught by pestilences. All of these also are the birth pangs and herald of the new aeon. Therefore, at that time, in worlds unseen, there will be rejoicing among the angels and there will be new heavens and a new earth and all things will be made new in divers ways no man can now fathom and the former things will no more be remembered.”

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