The Three Main Levels of Love

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WHY DOES THE ESSENTIAL UNDERNEATHNESS OF EVERYTHING seem to be so wonderful, even though I know that, in earthly terms, what lies above it is not? Sitting here quietly on the quayside, watching the boats drift in and out of the port, the whole panoply of everything wraps itself in a vast ocean of love and I am thereby undone. I see a man with frayed collar and cuffs and the face of a worn-out dog walking as if he never has anywhere to go or anything to live for. I see a woman with makeup caked awkwardly on her face and her lips painted red inelegantly, rendering her with a tragic clownlike appearance. I see a weeping small child with dirty face and frayed, stained clothes being frogmarched by her distraught, blackeyed, run-down mother. What else can I do but weep for the world with its bottomless black holes and unfulfilments. Yet… somehow… everything (even that which appears to be dysfunctional) seems to be “in place” — suffering merely from the effects of a latent transitoriness, awaiting a regrouping of cells.

There have been times in my life when I have baulked hard and often at the anomalies of the world and recoiled in horror at the evil and injustices which are the norm in this ego-riven society we have built with our fractured consciousness, disintegrated in its relentless narcissism and vampire-like acquisitiveness. In my ignorance, there were times when I imagined that all I and many others had to do was stand up for truth and all would soon be transformed. If only it was that swift and simple! What I hadn’t taken into account was that just as the earth always eventually heals itself, no matter what any dumb civilisation does to it (and many have come and gone, thankfully), so all the matter in the universe (invisibly to the naked eye, for now) will be elevated and amplified in etheric rapture far beyond anything which we can presently visualise. All we can do for now, apart from vitally standing in truth, is to IMMERSE OURSELVES IN LOVE. Not the sentimental, schmaltzy love of pop-songs and movies (for love is sometimes tough and challenging, with serrated edges leading to scorching pain); not the so-called “love for self” which is so vogue and trendy at the present time; but a self-sacrificial love involving self-effacing altruism, the deepest compassion, galvanising empathy, profound respect, proactive philanthropy and sheer wonder at the beauty and shimmering vibratory structure of the human form.

Love seems to be the glue which holds the whole crazy show together in a grand sweep of integrity. This is why — even while doing all that I can in service to the world and its inhabitants — I can smile quietly to myself in the face of a disaster or cataclysm, knowing that somehow, against all the odds, all is advancing, progressing entirely as it should. And so that love flows out from my heart across the world; and it seems to be on three main levels.

First, I can honestly say that I have a general love for every human being without exception. I seek only their good, even if they violently reject it — even if they should spit in my face — even if they locked me in the darkest dungeon. There can be no room for spite, rancour, animosity, grudge or vengeful thoughts in the thrilling company of love. Such feelings serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to drag down the heart and energy of the one who experiences them. Someone may ask: “So you love even child abusers and serial killers?” To which I reply: “Yes. I must. This does not in any way condone what they have done or suggest that they should go unpunished for their evil deeds. Far from it! But when I look at such a person with all the X-Ray penetrativeness at my disposal, I see beyond the heinous actions of a cruel cold-hearted psychopath right through to whatever engrams and influences have tied the knots of that heart to such an extent that it became the core of an unfeeling monster”. Someone may then ask: “So you mean that you never feel the need to teach someone a lesson?” To which I reply: “This life is one vast gymnasium. We are all each other’s teachers. Sometimes one may have to take an action designed to teach a lesson; but never in haste or out of spite or in the hotness of anger but only in the furnace of love”. It takes great perseverance to reach the point where one can look at any human and feel only love emanating from one’s heart. But change can only truly be facilitated in our lives (and thereby in the world) when we reach that point. There is nothing more liberating than discovering that — in spite of everything — one is actually in love with the whole world! 🙂

Second, there is a deeper love which pours out towards those who could be counted as friends or family (and I don’t just mean consanguinity). For these I would lay down my life. These I will never betray or be treacherous towards. These are bound to me in ways beyond understanding. Through that bond we have become linked etherically. A bond which can never be broken. A bond which will remain intact from one life to the next. A bond which only grows and never withers. I beckon anyone to enter into such a bond with me and they will receive a rapturous welcome. It will be unconditional, unbreakable and eternal.

Third, there is yet another even deeper love which is reserved in this life for a few, for which I have no explanation or definition. This is a love which is quite apart from any erotic love or filial feelings (though it can be both extravagantly erotic and ferociously filial). It is a love which defies understanding. It is a love which continually soars to places to which I have never been before. It is a love which is beyond eternal. It is a love which needs no tending (for it magnifies itself every minute of every day). It is a love which shimmers with equal intensity in the light and in the dark, in the presence and in the absence. Intensity is its home and ecstasy is its clothing (though it is nakedness personified). This is a love which bridges longing and fulfilment. It is a love which will give itself to its full capacity over and over again with no expectation of anything in return. It is a love which is born of a myriad stars in fragments across an everlastingly sunlitmoonlit sky. It is a love for which one would give up everything and willingly die again and again. It is love which makes the purest sense even though it has no rational foundation. It is a love which makes one take risks without a thought for any consequences in one’s life.

That paragraph above could have turned into a book! But I have to stop somewhere and that is as good a point as any. Risks. That will be incorporated into my New Year’s Resolutions. I must take more risks. More in the sense of quantity and more in the sense of more deeply and “dangerously” — though there is never any danger in love, no matter what may happen, even if it means death, for death is merely the dream come true

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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