The Brussel Atrocities

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BRUSSELS! HERE WE GO AGAIN! We’ve been here before. Many times. There are so many holes in the official narrative that the truth must surely be leaking out like a rusty old garden watering can. It can’t just be me who is wondering — yet again — how the explosive stunts such as those pulled in Brussels airport could be allowed to happen. I use the word “allowed” deliberately. Because there can be no other cause behind these atrocities. They were surely allowed to happen by the authorities. How come these “authorities” say, after the atrocities, that the people who committed them were already under surveillance, yet they are still allowed to pitch up undisguised at an international airport with sophisticated CCTV in place (there is also digital facial recognition technology in place at Brussels airport), wearing a highly visible BLACK GLOVE on their left hands (a known cover for explosive trigger devices), leave luggage near the check-in desks of a US AIRLINE while one of them walks away and leaves the airport after the deadly explosions? The “authorities” have admitted they knew exactly where they were staying (they somehow always admit that AFTER the atrocities). They were under surveillance! This beggars belief! Commandos raided an apartment in Brussels ten days ago and had a shoot-out with a bunch of terrorists, after which the two guys with the black gloves in the airport had been able to get away and be on the run! How could that happen? The military spooks, their listening hubs and special forces are people who could find you even if you buried yourself in a hole in the Sahara in a dust storm! It just doesn’t hang together and anyone who thinks it does is either hopelessly brainwashed or suffering from Ostrich Syndrome!

Similarly, in the wake of the equally suspect Paris bombings last year, the declared ringleader went through armed border checkpoints, evading detection, not just once but a number of times — even after being stopped and questioned! What are we really dealing with here? Some have said it is incompetence on the part of the “authorities”. I don’t believe that for one moment. I would call it “STAGED COGNISANCE” rather than bungling incompetence. This is all classic behaviour on the part of the power elite. They allow (or even make) atrocities happen in order to generate fear and tighten their grip on an already enslaved world. The whole thing smacks of something sinister behind the scenes. Anyone with any understanding of how such things operate knows that the whole ISIS scene will be full of double-agents and special forces’ undercover personnel who know exactly what is going on the whole time. This is standard procedure to gain public advantage. We saw it in Northern Ireland when the “troubles” were happening there decades ago. The Irish Republican Army was stuffed full of British Army or Ministry of Intelligence agents who not only encouraged the IRA to commit atrocities but actually made explosive devices for them. Every time an IRA bomb went off, killing and maiming dozens, it was perfect publicity to enable crack-downs by the armed forces while keeping the populace living in fear. This is NOT conspiracy theory. It has all come out years later and even been admitted. But, of course, no one wants to do anything about it decades later. Even in a so-called “neutral” country such as Sweden, it was recently revealed that a well-known award-winning left-leaning investigative journalist who specialised in exposing right-wing organisations in the country as well as smearing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and turning Amnesty International against him was all along an agent of Säpo, the Swedish government Security Services. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The infiltration of the media as well as terrorist groups by government Intelligence agencies for subversive purposes is vast across the world. The CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6, FSA, etc., are masters of infiltration — and not for honourable purposes but for subversion and corruption in order to achieve the ends of a corrupt and evil power elite, which is global hegemony and subjugation.

It is very clear to me and to many others also (an increasing number of many others) that in these huge attacks in Europe we are dealing with “false flag operations” which have been allowed to happen by fully-cognisant “authorities” who are only too happy to cash in on the inevitable fallout of fear, chaos and confusion. Frankly, those “authorities” couldn’t give a shit about your safety. If they did they would long ago have gone into the suburbs of Brussels (what are they doing there in the first place?!?) which are ABSOLUTELY STUFFED FULL of known jihadi terrorists and either taken them out or taken them in. All of them. Fuck their so-called human rights! They don’t deserve any! It’s that simple. The “authorities” could do it if there was a will in them to do so. But instead they are stood down and the Najim Laachraouis, Salah Abdeslams, El Bakraoui brothers and many other Mohammedan devotees like them have been allowed to thrive unabated in a sophisticated modern city at the heart of Europe like vermin in a rathole. Why? Now they’re talking about ramping up airport security. There is nothing wrong with airport security as it is. It works fine SO LONG AS THEY ACTUALLY APPLY IT instead of ignoring what that security is already showing them! Furthermore, why were hundreds of these jihadi types allowed to come into Europe posing as refugees in the recent influx? One could also ask why this whole refugee crisis has been generated in the first place? (For it has without a doubt been generated). I believe it has been in order to enable these sick psychopaths to enter our countries and our lives to destroy them, because it suits the power elite’s purposes to do so.

These are the questions I have right now as a human being who has seen through the official bullshit to the darkness behind it. And it is DARKNESS that we are dealing with here. Pure evil. And it isn’t going to go away. Yet. This is just the beginning. The worst is still to come. Most people cannot even conceive what that “worst” involves. Their naïve liberal attitudes and easy diversion by the petty nonsense of politics and ideology (especially in this laughable election circus year) prevent them from facing up to the reality of what is really taking shape before our eyes today.

You may have noticed that I have used the word “authorities” in quotation marks in this piece. This is because I do not regard them as genuine authority but false authority. Genuine authority cares for others; takes compassionate account of the weak, poor and oppressed; seeks to root evil out of society; never imposes its will on others and always seeks to teach and bring about growth. True authority is not about might but about light — the promotion of light. To acquiesce to the darkness of the false authority of the world today is to prolong its tenure over the planet. One has to take a stand for truth and light in this world, regardless of the consequences. Then we will accelerate the huge change which is coming upon this earth sooner than we think. We are all expendable; but far better to go down standing for what is good and right rather than just being another tight-lipped, self-obsessed slave, obedient to the promoters of darkness on this stricken globe.

One day, the darkness overtaking this (currently) 3-dimensional world will have dissolved into nothingness, along with its protagonists. Light will shine instead of the present pall of darkness and what remains of the current population of the world (after the global cataclysm which will have altered it beyond recognition) will be founded on a very different kind of authority, where imposture, subterfuge, violence, violation, dissembling and artifice will have no place. How I long to see that day!

© Alan Morrison, 2016


Note: Appended to my piece above, here is a link to an article today cataloguing the so-called “blunders” of the Belgian authorities, including having but ignoring the knowledge of the whereabouts of terrorist leader, Salah Abdeslam for 3 weeks! . No way are these “blunders”. It is all deliberate. Notice also how the anonymous policewoman informant says: “Every day we arrest well-known criminals and the next day they are back on the streets. It is frustrating that we are doing our work but the justice system doesn’t back us up. These people are not being prosecuted or fined, they are just being released. We arrest them and nothing happens to them.” Ever wondered why that would be? Think about it. Belgium is an extremely corrupt country, with Brussels (the “capital” of Europe) at the top of the shitheap — full of paedophiles among the elite in the political/judicial system. Wait till the chemical/biological/ nuclear weapons start exploding in public places — all planned by your “security” services and using these psychopathic jihadis to do the dirty-work. Do not be afraid. They feed on your fear.

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