Expect an Increase in Awakenings & Epiphanies as Scales Fall from Hardened Hearts

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“Awakenings” — or we can call them by the delightful word “epiphanies” — are happening everywhere, randomly and effusively. Seemingly “bad” circumstances are being reversed or even overthrown. People who felt hopeless or lost in darkness are spontaneously finding the light. Many with previously hardened hearts are being opened up to the fullness of emotional experience. The brokenhearted are being inexplicably mended. Family relationships are being suddenly healed. This isn’t something I’m inventing or exaggerating. I know this to be true. Not only from what friends have told me or from what I’ve observed around me in the lives of others but also from my own experience, especially over the last couple of years or so. I have seen miracles happen — more than miracles — and I have felt my own heart and spirit being transformed through it. The more one’s heart is transformed, the more exponentially it transforms — like a snowball rolling down a hill, growing in size and velocity as it does so. It has a momentum all of its own.

I know that if one looks outwardly at the world, one sees terrible events and circumstances. (I speak as someone who has looked deeply into that place to understand it better, discovering the filthy dark underbelly of this dimension, where there is only a pretended “democracy” and no true society but only lies, hegemony and illusion). But the more I have meditated on all this, the more I have been convinced that all the violence and chaos across the world merely show the last desperate death throes of the beings which imagine they control it. I am speaking here not merely about those humans who wield dastardly power in the world but also the unseen discarnate entities which are currently locked into the very fabric of existence on all levels in this dimension. The Gnostics called them “Archons”. The Christ called them “שֵׁידָא” (shaydah, Aramaic for demons). They came crawling out of the woodwork in droves when he was around. They control those humans who secretly manipulate this world in their favour. They gang up on anyone who’s a threat to their pretended monopoly on power. They work hard to keep people in ignorance, darkness and stupefaction, as if it was their natural state. And if you wake up they will try even harder to drag you back down to the blindness and darkness from which you escaped — though to no avail, for the truth is this: Once awake, always awake! The whole creation — not merely human beings — is said to “groan” under the weight of this corruption of matter and will continue to do so until the great resolution comes and the new aeon begins. We are on the cusp of that beginning right now.

For someone to wake up is not easy. This difficulty was graphically represented in John Carpenter’s 1988 film, “They Live”. In the film, aliens have taken over the world and the only way to discover this is to put on a pair of special sunglasses made by a dissident group. When the hero tries to get his friend to wear the glasses, he vehemently resists, which leads to what must be the longest fight ever portrayed in film. For minutes they slug it out until, finally, he puts on the glasses and sees everything as it really is. That’s how difficult it is! But something is happening in these present days which has meant not only a huge leap in the number of people who are waking up but also their readiness to awaken.

When I speak of “awakenings” and “epiphanies” I do not mean realising what’s really going on in the world politically or governmentally and then joining the so-called Truth Movement. Waking up to the Big Lie behind all political/monetary activity in the world system is merely one small part of a true awakening — a by-product of it, if you will. The Truth Movement is now itself thoroughly infiltrated with the pedlars of disinformation, distortion and outright lies in order to discredit truthtellers, distract and sidetrack people into worthless causes and thereby denigrate truth itself and waylay unsuspecting souls. This is why I would have nothing to do with it. It has become a hotbed of distractions and disinformation. The essence of awakening or epiphany is not knowing that “9/11 was an inside job” (even though it was). The dark powers want us to become obsessed with conspiracies and thereby distracted from the real work which needs to be done by those who have awakened. The phenomenon of 9/11 was merely one small symptom of the fact that almost everything we’ve been taught about historical events, governments, politics, kings and queens, national accomplishments and society in general is a lie. This is because the heart of the present dying aeon has been deception arising out of spiritual darkness effected by a power so hideous that most would run away from the knowledge of it. But such knowledge is a necessary part of the process of awakening. There are no ostriches or escapists among the awakened.

The true awakening and epiphany I am speaking about is not a political or historically-revisionist awakening but a deep spiritual and emotional one. It is not so much that scales fall from the eyes but that scales fall from the heart. This is the real awakening. Thus, where there had been nihilism and acute negativity, there is now a quiet positive outlook and a feeling of hope. Where there had been scepticism, there is now affirmation and assurance. Where there had been hardness and cynicism, there is now emotional flow and warmth. Where there had been cognitive dissonance, there is now a connectedness and integrity of thought and emotion. Of course, such inner transformation leads to a huge leap in external intelligence and one can no longer be fooled by propaganda, political shenanigans or governmental claptrap. But an awakened soul does not need to sign up to any movements — especially those which are likely to be infiltrated with disinformation pedlars and shills. Maintaining a balance of an independence of integrity while still being open to associate fruitfully with likeminded souls is the realm of the awakened human at the present time.

This world is a harsh place for the sensitive soul and the temptation is to hide in solitude, watching and waiting as the inevitable circumstances of world events fall into their climactic place. However, I am convinced that the awakened soul must no longer remain on the mountain but must go into the valleys to freely interact, spread knowledge, light and love in a spirit of compassion and generosity — above all, convincing people that fear on every level is unnecessary and worthless. The pedlars of darkness (physical and non-physical) thrive on generating fear in people. That is how they control. Fear is what keeps most people as sleepwalkers throughout their lives. Now many are awakening and finding that their fear has dissolved and that the only way to live is in a spirit of bold, courageous adventure. It isn’t an easy ride but it is one full of intrepid growth and learning. It should also be said that “awakening” is not an end in itself. It is merely the beginning of a lifelong process of revelation and disillusionment (the stripping away of illusions).

There is much more which could be said; but this brief article is a message of hope to those who may be floundering in this world of illusion, manipulation, intrigue and deception. The outward acts of the purveyors of darkness will multiply as the world falls more deeply into chaos as the rulers of that darkness become more desperate to hold onto power. Terrible events will occur. Acts of terror will intensify. Earthly cataclysms (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and diseases) will be on the increase. But this represents the last thrashes of the dying dragon’s tail. Inner awakening is hugely on the increase. You may not hear about it but I can assure you that it is. Really, all that is necessary now is for a soul to cry out for awakening and — if it is from the heart — it will happen. We have reached a stage now where even many who do not cry out (but whose heart-compass is essentially pointed in the direction of the light) will be confronted with a trauma in their lives which will change them completely through a series of unexpected synchronicities. Watch out! There are angels at work! This I also know to be true.

© Alan Morrison, 2016

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