Something to Bear in Mind, Part #1

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The corrupt power-elite (the unseen entities which temporarily control this planet) control all sides now — some blatantly, some more subtly — whether republican, democrat, conservative, socialist, labour party, green, “alternative”, New Age movement, anarchist, peace movement, “truth” movement, UFO societies, Christianity, Islam, ISIS, religious cults, anti-cult organisations, the whole fucking show. They are all hopelessly infiltrated and controlled from within by the power-elite and it’s far more advanced than anyone may imagine. Such infiltration is standard intelligence procedure, right up there alongside false-flag operations as undercover tactics to bring down perceived opponents. Always control every side. It’s a theatre designed for a funny farm but it’s no joke. So here’s my advice: Join nothing. Trust nothing (except patent truth). Develop discernment. Know the difference between true light and phony light (disguised darkness). Develop some of the skills of a world-class spy (those few which don’t involve lying and killing). Laugh a lot with friends. Meditate. Exercise your body. Live cleanly and quietly. Play music, sing and/or dance much. Respect yourself and your life-force (and that of others). Centre yourself in love (which is beautifully powerful for those who love it, bewildering for those who aren’t used to it, destructive to anything dark and it must never be confused with sentimentality). Develop a piercing mind (not to be confused with IQ). Don’t run away. From anything. Ever. Stand your ground in the Light. Always. Be a Knight. Fear nothing and no one. Smile. Enjoy yourself. 🙂

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