Something to Bear in Mind, Part #2

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Continuing from yesterday’s post, “Something to Bear in Mind, Part#1”, about the level of infiltration of all movements, groups and organisations — whether of right, left, alternative or liberal wings — by agents provocateurs and shills of the power-elite today, I want to develop this and show how to view it all without being upset by it or overly concerned. That many of those who are familiar with the extent of this infiltration are shaken by it, I can understand. It is a huge thing. Comparatively few in the world realise just how much infiltration there is and how deep it goes. It is too much to face up to for many and is a terrible realisation which means one has to rethink everything (which, actually, is no bad thing! 😉 ). However, personally speaking, I am not remotely concerned by this infiltration and I want to share here with you why that should be:

1) For decades, I have been expecting it to be like this. So it’s no surprise. It’s the logical way for everything to go. In fact, this is just the beginning.

2) I long ago gave up imagining that anything of any real importance can be changed for the better in the long-term through politics and other conventional means. (That doesn’t mean that we should never try and make a difference through proactive gestures. On the contrary, we should be Knights and do whatever is within our power to ameliorate suffering and injustice wherever we find it). Politics is a mere theatre to provide a gloss on darkness through the pretence of “democracy”. The power-elite, through their mouthpiece, the media, influences the gullible populace to vote the way they want them to, then they just do whatever the fuck they want anyway! 🙂

3) The entire world-system based on conflict, competition, slavery, subterfuge, murder, greed, consumption, decadence and debauchery, which are the leading features of the present aeon, will inevitably implode on itself in cataclysmic fashion. This is a dying age which cannot be reversed or salvaged. Things have gone waaaay too far and too deep for that; and the worst is yet to come, which is why unflinching courage is so important. There is a process at work on Earth which has to come to a head — a grand climax. That process involves an immense amount of subterfuge and encroaching darkness, including the infiltration of which I speak above. Being upset or bothered about all the subterfuge will change nothing. All it will eventually do is make one into a nervous wreck. Counterproductive.

4) There is a certain beauty to the ugliness of life on earth in this dying aeon. But we won’t find that beauty if we continually obsess about the ugliness. I’ve seen so many get sucked into a frantic preoccupation with conspiracies — endlessly writing about them on social media and so on. It’s almost as if there’s a competition to see who can be the smartest conspiracy theorist “know-it-all”, maybe even becoming a conspiracy theory “star”! (Anyone who does that is definitely NOT to be trusted! 🙂 ). This compulsion will inevitably have a damaging effect on one’s equilibrium. That there are conspiracies is not in question. But obsessing about them is an unhealthy focus which, I’ve noticed, almost always ends in over-speculating, one-upmanship, paranoia and seeing conspiracies and hoaxes where there are none. Remember also that the whole conspiracy movement today is riddled with agents provocateurs working on behalf of the power-elite who present false conspiracies online in order to sow disinformation, deflect people from seeing the true conspiracies and make real conspiracy seem to be as absurd as their false ones. It also discredits genuine researchers.

Now you may be saying “You said above that there is a certain beauty to the ugliness of life on earth today; but where is this beauty?” This is where one needs a spiritual overview of planetary developments. For if we discount the spiritual dimension when viewing the world then one’s view of what really lies behind all conspiracies will be dry and functional. It could also lead to a crippling despair and the delusion of imagining that if one exposes enough conspiracies then everything on earth will get better. When I say “spirituality”, please don’t confuse that with religion. Religions are a counterfeit of spirituality. They use the language of spirituality but suck people into a slavish system involving false authority, limited thinking, a lack of individual thought and (and lack of adventurousness) plus a plethora of literalist or tendentious interpretations of scriptures. Understanding conspiracy without a heart of spirituality inevitably leads down a rabbit hole of paranoia and gullibility. Viewing conspiracy without spirituality as opposed to viewing it through the window of spirituality can be compared to the difference between merely having sex and making love. The first is mechanical, narcissistic, masturbatory and superficial. The second involves the whole being, as well as being fruitful, unifying and profound. By taking a spiritual view, I mean looking beyond what one can see with one’s eyes in this world and moving out of being stuck in the present, so that one begins to see a big picture stretching over a massive period of time. One sees the whole flow of history as manifestations of the interaction between light and darkness. When one takes that view and pathway, a process starts within which is both uplifting and encouraging — no matter what awful events may be happening around one in the world. This is the view which one needs to develop if one wants to be able to withstand and handle the dark direction in which this world is heading. Examining or understanding conspiracy without a heart filled with spirituality will eventually lead to depression, cynicism, paranoia and despair.

Because of the “fallen” nature of matter, the low vibration of fleshly life on earth and the involvement of non-human entities at a base level of existence (which are hugely responsible for the subterfuge on this earth), the world inevitably involves a conflict between light and darkness. That conflict has repeatedly come to a head in a string of failed civilisations on this planet. Even in our own civilisation, mighty empires based on hubris and narcissism which seemed invincible have come and gone. This is because darkness and evil can never ultimately survive — even if they do seem to be in the supremacy for a while. They will always inevitably succumb to the power of light. Today the darkness is battling hugely for dominance and pre-eminence across the world. But the Universe is not fooled or overcome by any of this. However, that darkness has to come to its head and be fully exposed before it will be dealt with in dramatic fashion. This is why it is being permitted to develop.

There is so much to learn and realise about life and the universe. The more open one is to learning, the more information and energy will flow into the mind and soul. There are extraordinary powers even in the planetary configuration of this solar system. The Earth is a living being of gargantuan spiritual significance and cannot be destroyed by silly humans! It is way ahead of us in understanding. All our fuss about “Save the Planet!” is a sign of ignorance of what the Earth is really capable of. The planet doesn’t need saving and never will (and the sun itself will one day surprise the power-elite with a powerful burst of gorgeous destruction!). But what we CAN start doing is creating and contributing to the vast “tribe” of people which is the harbinger of the future aeon which will arise out of the ashes of the present one when it has led itself into its demise. This carries great responsibility. There are already many who are either actively involved in this “tribe” or are potentially so. Being educators about the beautiful side of ugliness, the way conspiracy works in the world, its significance and how such conspiracy is just one small part of the universal process of darkness reaching its zenith in order to be ripe for destruction is far more productive and profitable than being a professional conspiracy freak chasing gleefully and indiscriminately whatever hoax or plot is fed in his or her direction by the power-elite!

This is why I said in Part#1 of this post yesterday: “Laugh a lot with friends. Meditate. Exercise your body. Live cleanly and quietly. Play music, sing and/or dance much”. Believe it or not, all those are spiritual activities when practiced by a spiritual person and will develop our consciousness so that we don’t get stuck in a mechanical view of life on earth today. When we practice spirituality while at the same time being powerfully aware of what is really happening in this world, light and dark, it is a dynamic combination which will not only propel us into the “tribe” of the new aeon but will also contribute in unseen ways to the appearance of that new aeon itself.

© Alan Morrison, 2016

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