More Blessed to Give than to Receive

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The Noble Work of Generosity

WHY ARE WE HERE IN THIS DIMENSION, on this planet Earth, at this point in space, time and history? One may never be able to answer that question satisfactorily enough, in verbal terms, so long as we are limited in our thoughts and ideation by the boundary of words (even though that boundary can be stretched the more we reach it). But we can say that we are all involved — whether we know it or not — in an increasingly expanding growth of understanding in mind and heart which takes us further into the unknown (thereby revealing its knownness) and deeper into the twilight zone of consciousness, beyond any perceived limitations. This is the evolution of the soul — joyfully harrowing, vitally necessary and deliciously inevitable.


There is a key line over which a person crosses in becoming a free human being of the new aeon rather than an enslaved puppet of the old. This is the point in every soul’s evolution when one realises with all one’s heart that service to others is the purpose of life, rather than service to self. The old way of living, linked to the old aeon which is now coming to an end, involves putting oneself on a pedestal and seeking only what one can get out of life for oneself — making oneself the centre of the universe — me-me-me-me-me (though often cleverly disguised behind altruistic platitudes and virtue-signalling, coupled with the mere appearance of spirituality or “higher living”). The new way of living, linked to the new aeon (of which we are now on the cusp), involves the beautiful realisation that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Instead of “me-me-me”, one’s heart-song becomes “thee-thee-thee”. A life of multi-faceted service to others and to the higher powers then inevitably follows. This is what marks out the consciously-aware person from the one who is sleepwalking through this life in a haze of conformity and closed-mind boxed-inness.

Those who wish to see that new aeon established on a transformed Earth (how soon this transformation will be we do not know, but it’s certainly coming “soon”) and who are consciously-evolving in tune with that new aeon will have discarded (or be in the process of discarding) the qualities which are of the old aeon and be intentionally growing the qualities of the new. One of the consciously-evolving human being’s primary underlying qualities — one which creeps up on you like a silent inner tide — is humility, by which the ego-sense of separateness and alienation of consciousness from the whole theatre of creation diminishes and an awareness of integration and identification with all that can be seen or is unseen develops. Out of this creative humility grows a whole raft of other qualities which are compatible with the establishment of the new aeon. One such quality is generosity.

To regard oneself as “spiritual” is meaningless if it doesn’t manifest itself in doing good and serving others with superabundant generosity of heart and soul. Each morning, the generous soul awakens with the following words on his or her lips: “How can I be of service to others and to the world today?” That is a revolutionary concept in a world such as ours. But the consciously-aware person is a revolutionary by nature and purpose. It is in his or her transformed DNA to give and to be more blessed to do so than to receive. S/he can still receive with pleasure, but s/he sees that giving has nobility whereas receiving is more mundane (though it can still be done with honour and grace).


The word “generous” has an interesting etymology. It is derived from the Latin, generosus, meaning “of noble birth”, which also carried the moral values of being courageous, magnanimous, openhearted — the diametrical opposite of a meanspirited person. It arrived in English in the sixteenth century through the Old French, généreux. Thus, generosity is firmly rooted in the corresponding idea of nobility. To be generous is to be noble. Nobility, in the truest sense of the word, is one of many qualities which will develop within the consciously-evolving human being.

Let’s just crack open the word “noble”, for it will bring us into an even deeper understanding of the word “generous”. The idea of “noble” and “nobility” has been hijacked historically by the aristocracy, so that we now call a member of the aristocracy “a nobleman”. But this is to detract entirely from what true nobility is about. This is where it gets really interesting. Noble has its roots, via nobilis, in the Latin nosco, “I know”. This is rooted also in the Sanskrit, jna, which means “to know”, “to perceive” or “to understand”. The Greek is the same word but with a “g” in front, γνώσκω, gnōsco. So noble is a composite word made from “no”, rooted in the Latin and Greek words for “to know”, and the “-ble” suffix which is used to transform a verb into an adjective. No-ble. But nosco is not merely knowing in terms of “I know Joe Bloggs or Jane Doe”. It is a knowledge which is not merely theoretical (which would be more associated with the alternative Greek word for knowledge, episteme) but it comes about through personal learning and discovery. This is closely related to the Greek word, gnosis, knowledge. Thus, learned knowledge is what truly makes a nobility. Truly, to be noble is to be “in the know” (in the “no” or in the “gno”!) esoterically. It is against this background that we can view the concept of “generous”. Generosity is born out of inner discovery and learning. It goes way beyond giving a few quid to charity or tossing a dollar into a homeless person’s begging bowl. Generosity is inner discovery applied to outward action of a giving nature, and that is my approach to it here.


So, what is the foundation of true generosity? The wonder which the generous heart holds — and which drives it to be magnanimously generous every minute of every day — is the absolute knowledge that life itself and every aspect of it is a gift. This is the foundation for his or her generosity. The generous soul often says, with amazement: “What do I have that I have not received?” Knowing that everything s/he has (and even life itself) has been gifted to him or her, s/he can only share that wealth of life with others rather than keep it to herself. By “wealth”, I am not merely referring to one’s money or possessions. Generosity doesn’t have to involve the giving of material things, for it is a state of soul which gives of itself and cannot help but do so. Thus, generosity can simply be the giving of one’s time or talents — the complete pouring of oneself into a situation. The ubiquitous crude human motto, “Time is money”, could never be on the lips of the generous soul. The genuinely generous person delights to give — not because it generates personal satisfaction or brings admiration from others (which can be ego-traps for those who do not give from the heart) but because he or she is a giver by nature. The consciously aware liberated human being is like a fountain of life and energy flowing into the world. It is a fountain which can never be stopped or used for ulterior motives. For such a person, giving is as natural as eating, breathing or sleeping. It is a normal and necessary life-function. If I could put it rather strikingly, the generous soul will become aware of himself as a kind of wormhole or portal from another dimension through which a tsunami of giving flows as if by osmosis from that world to this.


There is a sphere of activity that I must address in an article about generosity and giving. For there are a number today who advocate the idea that being a deeply spiritual person naturally results in financial prosperity and the accruing of wealth. Remember all those gurus with mansions worldwide and dozens of Rolls Royce cars in the 1970s and 1980s? So many fell for it! This set the scene for what I call “business-model spirituality” in the New Age Movement, a very large faction of which is devoted to this idea. I believe this to be a deviation onto the left-hand path manipulated by the forces of darkness. I remember once overhearing a bunch of New Age folks in a café (and many other times since), comparing their financial successes with each other. That was the centrepiece of their conversation. I was deeply shocked. Of course, they were spinning all this money through running “coaching workshops”, yoga/meditation groups and various trendy therapies. It’s as if holiness has been reduced to a seedy marketplace of spiritual-chic.

I am continually amazed by the number of people these days falling over themselves to make a business out of giving and healing — especially so-called “alternative” people, many of whom appear to be outright quacks and very often all over the place in their emotional and spiritual lives. Coaches, mentors, therapists, “lightworkers”, bla-bla. Everyone wants to be a Big Chief, but few are content with being mere Indians. It’s like a virulent rash on the skin of humanity. Greed disguised as service. However, the sign of a consciously-evolving soul who has crossed the threshold from the old aeon to the new is very much not: “How can I make as much money as possible out of helping and healing people with natural therapies and mentoring?” but rather: “How can I now be of service to humanity and the higher powers in whatever way those powers see fit?” without a thought as to what rewards one can reap through that service, should it arise. To see one’s bank balance as the barometer of spiritual health is the ultimate irony. It is not personal prosperity which is the sign of spirituality but selfless generosity.

On the few occasions when I have been able to discuss all this with New Age people, they have become extremely angry with me, insinuating that I am not spiritually-developed enough to understand that “money is merely energy” (as they say) and when you “raise your vibration” (as they also say) you naturally attract money to yourself (as they also say). My response was to say that all that money is coming in because they are charging so much exploiting so many emotionally vulnerable people who are seeking solutions to their problems and issues and falling for all these therapies, many of which are wacky and operated by quacks. I have rarely found any genuine generosity of heart and purse in those circles, no matter how much they may fool themselves that their businesses are the result of their kindness and dedication to service. Their anger at being challenged I see as a side-effect of the darkness involved. For I am convinced that at the heart of the trendy spiritual-chic of the New Age Movement is the work of forces of a very dark nature from another dimension supplanting generosity with ideas of prosperity yet disguised as being of the new aeon through the use of the seductive term, “New Age”. This runs parallel with the entire health foods market, in which extortionate prices make healthy eating the exclusive province of trendy middle to upper-middle-class people, such as those who charge extortionate fees for yoga/meditation/therapy workshops! It has always baffled me why foods grown organically, unprocessed without any nasty chemicals should cost so much more than shit food which has been insecticided and processed with additives into a state of near toxicity! The world of “alternative” health and healing is every bit as greedy and corrupt as the corporate world which it claims to replace.

There is currently a vast spiritual battle taking place involving the resistance of the old aeon to the new which is not merely of human origin. The chaos and craziness we see all around us today is the physical evidence of that battle. The presence of greed and exploitation in the area of health, healing and personal growth is another evidence of it. It is as if the New Age Movement has been specifically created to draw people away from genuine spirituality into this counterfeit trendy, chic, materialistic cult which places a lot of emphasis on outward appearances, rituals and business enterprise rather than quiet inner transformation and silently selfless sacrifice. It is a club created for those who want to appear spiritual rather than live the genuinely spiritual life, which doesn’t grow in a manufactured state of bliss but on the rugged anvil of life, with dirt on its hands and a quest in its heart.

You may say to me: “But people don’t value something they don’t pay for”. That’s only true for people who are brainwashed with the idea that a financial value has to be placed on everything in order for it to be valuable — people who cannot think outside the box of the current fiscal system. Do they appreciate a gorgeous sunset less because nature provides it free of charge? Is making love with your boy/girlfriend of no value because you don’t pay for the sex like you would with a prostitute? Would a Rembrandt portrait be any less admirable if it hadn’t been disgracefully valued at millions of dollars? The financial system of the world is deeply sick and reflective of its dark ungenerous origins. At present, we still have to be involved with it in order to survive — certainly in terms of selling products or being employed. But surely when we’re given the opportunity of helping or healing people we are being presented with the perfect opening to do things differently from how they have ever been done before. The whole financial system is going to collapse soon. What will you do then — when all that moolah you make from helping and healing people will be worthless? Will you stop helping and healing because you can’t line your pockets out of it with money?

In the light of what has been said above, you might ask: “How would giving look if it’s not based on an old-aeon business-model?” That isn’t for me to say for others in any detail. All I know is that when one is genuinely transformed, thinks outside the box, drops old-aeon ways and becomes creatively generous in one’s ways of being, then extraordinary things will happen. For example, you will most likely find that others will reward you for your help and services. That is their choice. People may well reward you for what you have given but that will be voluntary and not set by you. To seek a reward and to be motivated by the possibility of a reward cuts across the whole idea of generosity. If you are genuine and authentic, you will receive rewards from unexpected sources. A lot of the time, people are putting a big price on their helping and healing because they imagine it makes them look and feel more “professional”. That’s the only model they have! Professionalism (i.e. doing things as perfectly as they can be done) is not dependent on the amount charged, otherwise con artists and mountebanks who fleece people for huge amounts of money would be the pinnacle of being professional! However, to do something well is to do it with integrity and authenticity. That is the bottom line of “professionalism”.

In what is known in French as “autrefois” (the olden days, former times, times of yore), in many different cultures, counsel and healing were offered by wise men and women of the community. They didn’t advertise their services for money. Their reputation was accrued spiritually and by word of mouth. They helped people with their generosity and bigheartedness. It was their pleasure to do so. They had every faith in the fact that they would be looked after in the world, because their lives were built on integrity, synchronicity and generosity. They didn’t have the anal need to hoard money in banks or to amass to themselves great possessions and wealth. They certainly didn’t see financial prosperity as an advanced sign of spirituality. That would have been unthinkable, even laughable. In those times, helping and healing was not a bandwagon of chic buzz-terms and trendy lifestyles. It was simply the outworking of a healthy heart attuned to generosity and altruism. A society or community built on the business-model of helping and healing will inevitably be rooted in hypocrisy, greed and a lack of faith in higher powers and synchronicity. It will also ultimately be doomed to failure as a community.

Very often, doubting little voices pop into one’s head as a deterrent against generosity. “But how will I support myself if I give of my talents to help people in need?” is a classic. The short answer is by trusting in higher powers. The business-model of giving is based on the old order of things, which states “No one will look after me if I don’t look after myself. So I have to take care of no.1”. One can kind of understand a business-model being applied to helping people, in the sense that it’s all people know from previous experience. “Wanna make some Moola? Charge people for helping them! After all, time’s money and Cash is King!” The idea is drummed into us from birth that it’s a world of “dog eat dog” and the only thing which matters is personal survival. This is what lies behind the business-model of spirituality, in which people charge others a hefty fee for helping them. The business-model of giving is the very antithesis of faith in higher powers. The liberated, consciously-aware human does not need to preconceptualise a reward to be received for helping people. For s/he knows that either the recipient of the help will respond in kind or s/he will be looked after in other ways. S/he could even have some other kind of job in order to support herself doing the giving or healing. This is also why lending money or goods, with a proviso that they be returned, is also not really an act of generosity, for the genuinely generous soul never demands a return for what has been given but trusts that what has been given will in some as yet unknown way come back to him or her. In short, give and you will receive. Generosity means going out on a limb in faith and trust, whatever the giving involves. It also provides an example for others. Giving is actually contagious, when it is being done genuinely from a heart of generosity!


There are many wonderful, far-reaching spin-off benefits which come about as a result of authentic generosity. First, you will change the neuronal activity of your brain and generate deep happiness (see e.g. Furthermore, if you study the fascinating field of Epigenetics you will see that a life devoted to generosity and magnanimity of heart will actually alter your DNA. Second, you will drive away dark forces. The forces of darkness (those entities, about which I have written many times, which clog up our consciousness and subvert the world) run a mile from acts of goodness and generosity, which is a great antidote to their presence. In the New Age scene, people are taught that burning a bunch of sage will “cleanse” places of evil forces. The archons must be laughing themselves silly at that idea! In fact, they must have invented it. Burning sage is meaningless if one’s own life is based on the old ways of greed, exploitation and half-baked cultlike spiritual ideas. One doesn’t need superstitions and empty rituals to keep dark forces at bay. They don’t work, no matter how much people fool themselves into thinking that they do. Archons really couldn’t give a shit about sage! Just live a life of generosity, humility and selfless goodness and that will phase them completely. Another spin-off from having a heart full of generosity means a life free of envy or jealousy towards another, for the generous heart wants only the best for all and wholeheartedly enjoys the laudable achievements and successes of others. That is another very important aspect of having a generous heart.


However, a person who lives his or her life devoted to generosity and the doing of good can also attract the attention of dark forces as a perceived enemy of their agenda. This should not give cause for concern as one will be protected, even if challenged. For the follower of Light, any challenges happen in order to encourage growth. Darkness is always a servant of the Light. It should also here be noted that the consciously aware liberated, generous-hearted human being can also be a magnet for resentment from others. One example that springs to mind is when someone mature and experienced who I know offered free counselling to hurting people. This stirred up the anger of those who charge a pile of money for helping others. They accused him of not being professional, of being “untrained” and also of undercutting their “bona fide” services. Another said to him “Who do you think you are? You should counsel yourself!” Secretly, the person who does not have a generous heart knows deep within that they do not, and they will always feel that kind of competitive resentment towards the one who does have such a heart. Such is life in this world. Rather than develop a generous heart themselves, they will often seek to denounce, condemn or undermine the one who is developing one. This I have seen many times. Great strength and courage are needed today to live the truly spiritual life — one which does not partake in trendy groups and which lives a life of generosity in quietness and solitude.


There are many avenues which can be taken by the generous heart. For generosity is not merely about donating money occasionally to a worthy cause. (In fact, that might not be about giving at all in the truest sense but may just be an act to assuage a guilty conscience or to look good in front of others. If one gives in order to be noticed or thought of as kind and generous, then it is no longer giving but taking. Giving is really a state of soul, which then permeates to the heart, which then permeates into everything one is and does. In fact, generosity is the real liberalism. What people call “liberalism” today is really a complete misnomer, for it is merely political correctness and superficial niceness as a cover for a great deal of fear and anger. If one examines what lies behind the liberal mind today, one will often find irrationality, cognitive dissonance (what Orwell called “Doublethink”), a denial of the obvious, a high level of anger if questioned, a deep intolerance of, and resentment towards, anyone who doesn’t think the way they do, continual offence-taking, an extreme gullibility, wilful ignorance, a refusal to live by the rules to which they profess to adhere, misplaced outrage, an obsession with social engineering and repressive legislation to manipulate merely outward change. The only cure for liberalism is generosity. The generous soul is everything that a “liberal” pretends to be and so much more! For the generous soul is a free-thinker — someone who is able to think freely for himself — a liberated soul who is not under the power of any form of political, psychological, philosophical, spiritual or religious dogmatism. A generous soul is magnanimous, open-hearted, unsparing, noble-minded, chivalrous and — when it is to help or heal others — gives freely of his or her talents and abilities without constraint.


You may say to me, after reading all this, “What makes you think you’re so full of it — lecturing everyone else instead of looking at yourself?” I can assure you that I question myself 24/7/365. Those of you who know me in real life know this is true. However, I am a deeply flawed human being; so when I write an article, I am consciously writing it to myself. I am the first person to whom it gets written. Part of my work in this world is to communicate what I have learned. I’ve tried keeping quiet, but it doesn’t work. I get kicked in the ass and forced to write. No one has to read this. No one has to take any of it on board. You can simply laugh at it and walk away, if you so wish. I’m just a speck of nothingness in a vast little universe who has a take on a few things. But as I look out across the world, I see so much heartache, so much deception and delusion, so much gratuitous anger, so much confusion. Therefore, I place this little piece into the middle of that mêlée and hope that it casts some light on the beauty of generosity.

Now I will shut-up for a while! 😊.

© Alan Morrison, 2017

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