Shadows of Daddyo, Part 1 [song lyric]

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You think when you’re controlling
the random things unfolding
along the frozen path you tread (so dead)
that somehow you’ll defend your
imagined roundyourself wall
which you’ve built up with years of pain (insane)

I’ve felt the sting of your bite.
I wonder who it was stole your delight?

You long for no adventure!
That invite that he sent ya
just made you stop dead in your tracks (that’s a fact!)
You’re frightened of commitment
you don’t have the equipment
to handle what it takes to blend (surrender)

I’ve seen the whites of your eyes.
No coloured iris; don’t tell yourself lies.

What happened with your father
has made you hardened, rather
than let yourself submit to love (which you snub)
But just because he left you
don’t mean you have to eschew
the knights who rescue you from ice (your vice)

I’ve played the songs in your heart
and wondered when your renewal will start.

[Vocal bridge]
Time to let go of those stones in that overgrown
place which had once been your garden
Seeds which were sown in your mind long ago
have been left to atrophy and harden

Those trousers that you’re wearing
into your crotch are tearing
disfiguring your sacred room (now tomb)
Your nakedness I long for
It’s what I write this song for
to see your heart without the shield (thus healed)

I’ve heard the beat of your soul
I wish your brokenness could be made whole

The tears which damp your pillow
(shed like a weeping willow)
are evidence the knot’s undone (who won?)
It’s time now to endeavour
to put yourself together
from all those me’s and selves you’ve gained (ingrained)

I’ve seen the hand in your back:
same one which pulled strings & made your thoughts black

Your father and your mother
cast shadows on your lovers
and filled your bed with shades of grey (dark play)
So now you’re trying to wake up
the soul behind your make-up
and find the rays of light you lost (so costly)

I’ve touched far more than your skin
and know you’re waiting to delve deep within…

© Alan Morrison, 2017
[Living-Room Video coming soon]

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