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brussels_and_hollywoodImpostors & Bedfellows

RIGHT NOW, I’M IN BRUSSELS, the supposed European capital — or, rather, the capital of the European Union, which has cunningly usurped the real Europe as if it was the same thing, especially in the malleable minds of the young. Which is isn’t. Not at all. The real Europe doesn’t have a capital city. For that Europe has always been a loose group of neighbouring countries which have a common heritage, do business with each other and help each other when necessary. On the other hand, the European Union is a budding superstate conceived by elites (and initiated originally by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as I showed in an article last year) which seeks to lord it over its member sub-states, as preparation for the absorption of a small number of superstates into a single world government (born out of darkness posing as light). Then the Big Lie and deception will be complete (followed swiftly by its collapse in a blaze of Light).

The real Europe has produced a rich vein of magnificent works of art and music; whereas the forced usurper, the European Union, can only summon up mindless, dumbed-down EuroBeat and EuroTrash, manifesting regularly in the camp n’ kitsch Eurovision Song Contest. Brussels is also the European capital of paedophilia and has been for some time (research that for yourself). Of course, paedophilia and other sexual perversion is the undercurrent influence behind all major Western governments. This is how intelligence agencies control people. It is also a massive part of the entertainment scene, with corrupt Hollywood being a major centre. This is what the “me too” psychological operation has been successfully covering up. This whole Harvey Weinstein thing is a very clever move designed precisely by the forces of darkness to stir up an outburst of hysteria and uncontrolled misandry in the earthly envelope (about which I am writing a major article right now). So many have fallen into its trap. If folks could take a step back and see the real agenda here, that would be a positive development. The forces of darkness thrive on the kind of fruitless anger being shown in such campaigns — of which there is a veil across this world, a veil of insanity on which those forces feed. (I’m referring here to both physical and non-physical forces).

It’s very clear that Weinstein has been taken down for treading on some toes. Believe me… nothing like this happens unless it is being controlled by the power-elite. He is being hung out to dry by the real beasts of the show. Harvey is nothing compared to them. Really. Just a drop in an ocean of sewage. Hollywood is a glamorous cesspit involving things much worse that what Weinstein has done (I’m speaking about paedophilia networks and more). The Hollywood bunch are thoroughly corrupt and are a stain on the face of humanity. So many are so fascinated by celebrities and “stars”, drawn in by the seeming glamour and tacky glitz. Think about it! These are simply superficial, amoral people who happen to be half-good at pretending to be someone else.

99.9% of movies are not “art” but an overdose of soft porn, violence, schmaltz and social conditioning. Yet, they are the most wealthy and desired people on the planet, for whom a red carpet is laid. That’s a sign of a fucked-up society right there. So now there’s a stink about a producer using a “casting couch” for thirty years or more. As if we didn’t know! Anyone who isn’t asleep knows that most of the female actresses are more or less prostitutes who have bought their careers in the sack, happy to party and smile like grinning idiots in photos with the very producers who they now allege have assaulted them. One of them — an Italian “model” — went on to have consensual sex with Weinstein regularly even after he had supposedly assaulted her. How sick is that? Now some of them regret it so they jump on a bandwagon complaining about it. In the meantime, they were perfectly happy to make their millions and achieve fame in any way they could. Then all the “me too” stuff turns it into an egocentric display of victim-porn, so everyone can “make it all about me”.

By the way, should I hitch a ride on the #metoo bandwagon? When I was a kid, countless guys from teachers to scoutmasters put their hands where they shouldn’t (I was a pretty boy). That was the norm in boarding schools. But far worse things have happened to me in life, such as betrayal, bullying, deception, broken promises, etc. And I have stood against mighty seas of injustice as a whistleblower which have nearly destroyed me. But all that adversity has merely strengthened me. This is what I call “the beautiful alchemy of adversity” — by which, rather than playing the victim, we transform adversity into beauty. Rather than becoming bitter and twisted and wallowing in these issues with others (which merely amplifies it), the so-called “bad” things which happen to us should inspire us to greatness of every kind. Not only greatness but also compassion, empathy, generosity and an ability to see the real music behind everything — good or bad. There is a dance to this life; but we will only step in tune with it if we lay down our engrams of bitterness, cease to give them power and open our hearts to love. Many will scoff at this. Such is the twisted world we live in today. But this civilisation stands at a crossroads. The next few years will determine if it disappears up its own backside in a vast wave of madness or raises itself up to become a transformed aeon of infinite beauty and goodness. If we wallow in victimhood and engage in activity which is designed to divide men and women, we will go down with this sinking ship. And believe me… it IS sinking. Victimhood doesn’t empower anyone. It makes us into gullible exploitable patsies and narcissistic clones.

This stream of consciousness started off with me in Brussels and then went along the rabbit warren wasteland of duplicity all the way to Hollywood. There is much similarity between Brussels and Hollywood. They have both achieved fame through deceptively inveigling people’s minds with bullshit and darkness. According to the PR, they may both appear as if they are based on right thinking (e.g. the EU brings people together in peace and Hollywood entertains and inspires us) but this is the way that so many influences in this plastic world are fake — darkness posing as light. And so it will continue until the Light has no more use for the darkness and there will be no more deception and no more sleepy stupefied people to be deceived either. Frankly, I can hardly wait!

© Alan Morrison, 2017

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