The Real Background to Today’s Feminism: The Fear of Male-Female Symbiosis

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THE MODERN FEMINIST MOVEMENT is not truly a spontaneous movement of women who seek equality and social justice for their gender. For there is a psychological and emotional background at play here which has been almost completely ignored. The modern feminist movement has flourished primarily on the back of many women’s profound fear of losing themselves through wholly surrendering their heart to a man. This is the “elephant in the room” in any discussion about feminism. As Kim Anami has rightly said (in words which must be understood in a primary sense metaphorically): “Every woman secretly wants to be chased down, penetrated and ravished by her man; to be annihilated; to be left breathless”. Please let those words soak in; and if you are triggered by them, then honestly ask yourself why. A great many women have suppressed that in-built desire to be overcome by a man because of childhood trauma (e.g. sexual/physical abuse or deep father-daughter issues) or the fear of “death” (i.e. surrendering their egos in the rapture of a bond of love with a strong man), leading to what has become in society a mass pathological phobia. The modern Feminist Movement (aided and abetted with ease by forces of darkness manipulating the female mind for political purposes) has been nurtured on the basis of that phobia as an attempted defence mechanism against this built-in natural desire of a woman to surrender to being “overcome” by a real (i.e. strong) man, her man. I am speaking primarily on a metaphorical level here; though it has physical/sexual outworkings too. Instead of giving in to that built-in desire (which leads to a glorious, symbiotic union with a male), feminist women have been brainwashed into resisting what is natural and have twisted it back onto men by calling it “rape-culture” and “patriarchy” to demonise it. The refusal of so many women to give themselves to the “penetration” and “ravishment” (please understand these words holistically rather than merely physically) which they inwardly crave (along with the failure of so many insensitive men to “penetrate” and “ravish” responsibly, connectedly and lovingly) is one of the major catalysts behind today’s feminism and is a major underlying cause of relationship breakdown in today’s world.

In this way, and for these reasons, one of the principal agendas of today’s feminist movement has been the undermining of strong male leadership — thus generating a world full of uncourageous wimps who pose no threat to what modern feminists fear {and secretly desire} above all else: namely, a strong man overcoming them and to whom they willingly surrender. This concept will be violently resisted by them and anyone who dares to state it will be vigorously excoriated and denounced. But that should not intimidate men into silence. For there is a battle for the mind in the world today and it is vital to stand one’s ground, even in the face of the most violent opposition.

When the words “penetration” and “ravishment” are being used above, this is not solely a sexual reference, although unfortunately that is how many triggered women will see them. So if you think that I am merely referring to what one might call ‘a vigorous sex-life’ then, with respect, you have missed the point entirely. The “penetration” to which I am referring is not so much physical as spiritual. To be “ravished” by a man is part of the total cherishment which should be in place in any healthy relationship with a woman. Such “penetration” and “ravishment” are metaphors for a woman being utterly loved, cherished and understood by her man. Naturally, this will also have its fulfilment in the right kind of male-female physical communion (which goes way beyond a mere “sex-act”).

To many women, especially in today’s feminist movement, the very words, “penetration” and “ravishment”, are themselves traumatising and cause them to go into an emotional/psychological meltdown. I am not exaggerating. I have personally seen this happen many times. The internet is crammed full of feminists decrying the evils of “penis in vagina” (PIV) sexual relations. See for a classic example of a feminist blog which states that “all PIV sex is rape” and that “[sexual] intercourse is the very means through which men oppress us, from which we are not allowed to escape”. (It is no coincidence that this woman calls herself “WitchWind”. For witchcraft underpins the spiritual side of modern feminism). Reading the 22 comments made below that article is a real education about the bitterness and even hatred which lies behind the modern personality disorder which people today call “feminism”. And that was from five years ago. Imagine how much more widespread these ideas are now! Of course, there are some who will say that this phobia of penetration only applies to today’s more extreme incarnation of feminism. But this was even asserted more than thirty years ago by feminist pioneer Andrea Dworkin in her book, “Intercourse”, when she claimed that the penetration involved in heterosexual sex naturally leads to the subjugation and denigration of women. [Please see this link for more details: ]. In all this, we see just how far so many women have strayed from their true nature; and they will violently defend their corrupted understanding.

For women who are triggered by such words as “penetration” and “ravishment” by a male, men represent the awful thought of being violated in a sex-act with them, and the use of the term “rape culture” in the feminist movement to describe men’s activity in society epitomises this. This is because their inner resistance against the giving of themselves to a man in complete surrender triggers their trauma-based issues. But until a woman has moved beyond these fears and finds release from them she will not be able to incorporate the essential elements of relationship such as respect, cooperation, trust, communication, acceptance, laughter, etc. These can only really be fully realised in a relationship in which the man is already able to exercise his loving leadership and the woman is willing to open up wholly to being “penetrated and ravished” on all levels, which itself involves a deep submission to mutual vulnerability and trust, out of which all the many other beautiful qualities flower. A good physical relationship (which is secondary to the metaphorical fulfilments) can only really develop on that basis. However, modern feminism represents a phobic rebellion against the beautiful symbiosis which by nature should be flowering in men and women, masquerading as the desire for a mythical equality between the two genders which can never be achieved (and I’m not talking here about salaries and wages or the fact that male and female are equal in the eyes of God). For masculine and feminine — although being complementary — are very different in nature. Thus, the complementariness between a man and a woman can only dovetail successfully when those beautiful differences are embraced wholly and fully lived, in both physical and spiritual capacities. This is a very rare thing. But rarity does not negate it; it simply shows how far man and woman have strayed from what God intended in nature.

However, the physical (sexual) “penetration” which arouses so much inner terror in so many women today (and the associated “ravishment”) is just a symbol of something much deeper, namely, the ability to let a man all the way in on an emotional or even a spiritual level — which has to take place before the totality of relationship can be achieved. This isn’t just about sexual penetration of the vagina; it is about letting a man penetrate her whole heart with his being (which ultimately finds its expression in sexual penetration in a healthy intimate male-female union). To allow herself to be ravished completely by a man, a woman has to open herself up to the deepest levels of vulnerability which only sensitive whole men can appreciate and empathise with. If there are background experiences which have in some way damaged her psychologically (e.g. physical/sexual abuse or father-daughter scars) then she will interpret any feelings of surrender to a man as being threatening — even life-threatening (for that is often how someone with serious unresolved trauma will feel in such a situation). Thus, because of the ingrained terror, she creates this anti-male, anti-penetration (on all levels) defence-mechanism and takes her comfort in being “among the sisters”. This is why I have the utmost compassion for today’s feminists. When one strips away the angry, even rageful, misandrous campaigning exterior, one is left with a hurt little girl filled with fear — wanting desperately to be loved but unable to resolve that in the way in which it needs to be resolved, i.e. by some kind of spiritual epiphany and resultant emotional catharsis. This is why there is such vicious fallout from them if one tries to broach these matters. This is why I say that today’s feminism has “flourished primarily on the back of many women’s profound fear of losing themselves through wholly surrendering their heart to a man”. This is a hard message and it will be violently resisted. But it has to be said.

When I wrote these things elsewhere, a number said that I am “normalising and condoning rape”. This shows just how irrational so many women have become, and also how alienated so many are from relationship reality, being unable to distinguish between complete penetration and ravishment in the context of a loving relationship on the one hand, and violent rape on the other. Women have been brainwashed for decades by these spiritless equations. I realise that what I write may be totally new for many. But they should not deliberately misunderstand my words, impugn a wrongful meaning behind them and then knee-jerk react to them. As this world spirals into a pit of amorality and complete disconnectedness from the Divine, it is necessary now to bring a tsunami of Truth into the theatre of this world. Many of today’s feminists think that their ideology is making the world a better place. But those who refuse to buy into it see that it is destroying the very fabric of culture in a welter of misandry and divisiveness, which is precisely what the dark power-elite desire (for it is they who are the real engine behind the evolution of feminism). I sense a lot of irrational rage in those who represent today’s version of feminism, which leads to a form of cognitive dissonance with which it is impossible to reason; which is not surprising in view of the unconscious turmoil within them. However, many men and women are seeing through the feminist worldview and are realising that it is part of a much wider agenda.

One could even go so far as to say that today’s feminism with all the crazy jump-on-the-bandwagon “metoo” stuff (where even a man who accidentally brushes against a woman on a public transport system is in danger of being accused of having committed sexual assault!) and the mass wearing of “pussy-hats” (beanie-hats intended to represent a woman’s vagina) at women’s marches and demonstrations, has all come about as a result of personality disorders involving unresolved traumata and countless trigger-points. We have now reached the stage in the world where many personality disorders and sexual deviations are shaping the development of society today — all of which is being normalised to such an extent that even merely disagreeing with all that will determine that you have committed a “hatecrime”. We are living in a soft version of what George Orwell described in “1984”. We haven’t quite reached the hard version yet, in which dissidents to political correctness and normalised perversions in society will be dragged from their homes and “disappeared” or arbitrarily executed without even a show trial. But mark my words… it is coming. What we see around us in society now is merely the precursor to purges which will make Nero, Caligula, Hitler and Stalin seem like boy scouts.

I will tell you this: The level of depravity, perversion, warpedness and mass movements based on sexual repression is exactly commensurate with the level to which answerability to the Creator has been ridiculed, slandered, denied and even completely forgotten in the society in which they occur. Mostpeople have no clue about the seriousness of all this. This planet is a ticking time bomb building to a climax of debauchery masquerading as freedom, while political suppression masquerades as correctness and security. This isn’t just me thinking and knowing this. There is an increasing number of others. But we are very much in the minority. And speaking as a disciple of Christ, it is even very much a minority of those who profess to be “Christians” who see through what is really happening in the world today. What most people think of as being “the Church” (i.e. what they witness in the media as “the Church”, with its archbishops and bishops, popes, cardinals and other religious nabobs) has in the main betrayed Christ completely and is merely propping up a corrupt world-system — the same world-system which has produced today’s feminism and all the sexual perversions which are shaping society.

What I am describing is a shroud of darkness. For the hate is attracting a tremendous amount of activity from discarnate entities that mostpeople are entirely unaware of — above all, today’s feminists. For where there is rage and bitter resentment, envy, competitiveness, depravity, perversion and debauchery masquerading as “pride”, there the vultures (demons, archons, call them what you like) will gather. Do you know what… this is what spiritual warfare looks like. So where those vultures gather, there I am with my ‘sword’, of which this article is a part. So I am not surprised by the angry reactions which I received when I posted a shorter version of this article on social media. This is a spiritual war and I am one of its unashamed warriors who follows the tenets of this text, taken from the first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 10, verses 3-5:

“For though we live as human beings, we do not wage war according to human standards, for the weapons of our warfare are not human weapons, but are made powerful by God for tearing down strongholds. We tear down arguments and every arrogant obstacle that is raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to make it obey Christ”.

Finally, just because I am not a feminist and never will be does not mean I am not into women’s liberation. I absolutely love women! Women who know me well know this to be true. So I completely applaud the liberation of women, provided it is the full liberation of the soul to be a complete woman, devoted to the Light (which always has its origins in the Christ) rather than to the Wiccan darkness or political suppression so prevalent amongst today’s feminists, and who rejoices in the sacredness of her femininity rather than the so-called feminism which has hijacked not only the lovely word “feminine” but also the very idea of women’s liberation and shackled it with falsehoods, propaganda and spiritual degeneration.

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© Alan Morrison, 2018

One thought on “The Real Background to Today’s Feminism: The Fear of Male-Female Symbiosis

    djsbzbee said:
    Dec 26, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Exactamente! Feminism is fundamentally Orwellian in the dichotomy between our pure original nature and its counterpart snared in a base deception. The uptick in the decibel level of screeching goes beyond reason and into the murky regions of gall and bitterness and they can scarcely fathom why. At 63, having been able to resist the false paradigm of feminism, even with personal trauma, I’ve watched a militarization take hold in the feminine psyche through education and the ever-popular mass media complicit in the brainwashing. How dare I say so. Who wants to believe they’ve been brainwashed and are not in control of their own thought processes and not masters of their own opinions? Only those who have resisted the pride in it can see and know brainwashing has happened. Hogwash in, hogwash out: A slippery slope with hardly anything truly lovely to contemplate nor inspire unto wholeness. Thank you for raising up a truer and more complete paradigm. The answer is to raise up the nobler aspects of our natures where truth and honor are once again valued and cherished, even if one is alone or has been married for umpteen years. Otherwise, we are only learning what hate is about and avoiding the truths and constraints of the kind of love which brings meaning and completion to our one-sided selves. ❤

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