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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #33: “Home”. Here’s a another video of a song I just wrote. The melody has been floating about in my head for years, waiting for the right lyrics, which came yesterday. It is in an open tuning on guitar and straight from the depths of my heart/soul. I hope that it speaks [sings] to you. Here are the lyrics:

Take me home…
take me back where I belong.
You can stay…
but please leave me in this song.
For in you I have found…
that precious thing for which I long.

I am tired…
tired of seeing so much rain.
But the light…
that light is now what keeps me sane.
And I pray every day
That the fire in my soul will keep aflame.

[Bridge 1]
But sometimes I become besieged
It’s like I can barely breathe
Feel some darkness close round me
Trying to steal what makes me free
But I’ve found…
that I still hold the reins of certainty

Be my muse…
substitute for something higher.
With your face
please look at me; my pen’s on fire.
Then when each time I sing
I will feel like I’m in an angel’s choir.

Help me love…
please connect with me within.
When you do…
will feel like sunshine on my skin.
For stretched out before us…
All the places in the world we’ve never been.

[Bridge 2]
Now my volcano’s fit to burst
Lava-load will be dispersed
In decades this is a first
I’ve no script, we’re unrehearsed
But my words…
flowing fast and fountainlike they’re birthed.

Bring me home…
never seen that place before.
Thought I had…
but only been in metaphor.
Just like the sea in the song
I’ve only visited the shore.

© Alan Morrison, 2019

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