Engineered Consent: The Illusion of Salvation Through Politics

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THE ELECTION OF EACH PRESIDENT IS JUST A PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT. Presidents have no real power other than that which is afforded to them by the power-elite and their lackeys in the militaries and intelligence networks. The power-elite, by the way, involves those people who you never vote for but who really run the world (from a human standpoint – for I speak not here of the demonic darkness which lies behind them). So each president is of a certain disposition which eventually makes the “electorate” long for another one of a different disposition. The antics of a clearly personality-disordered guy like Trump is merely paving the way for the next president. Presidents are basically unwittingly trolling the people! That’s all they do; troll the people into wanting the next guy or gal installed (plus they are shills for the power-elite, who couldn’t give a hoot who is in office so long as they can get their evil works completed).

When Obama was elected, everyone said “The Savior has come!” People even tried to touch him so they could be healed (tru dat). He was even soon given a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing! What? The whole schtick surrounding that election was bizarre; just like with Phony Blair in the UK some years earlier with the ticker tape parades, annunciation in the press of “a messiah”, etc. It all comes to nothing, yet accomplishes everything for the power-elite. When they’ve finished with Trump (which, by the way, is an old English word for a fart), the next president will be presented as a breath of fresh air who will change the world… but s/he won’t. Not in a good way anyway. All s/he will do is pave the way for whatever evil is to come next. This is how it works.

When Obama was first elected in November 2008, and the world was in ecstasy, I wrote the song which you can see in the image accompanying this article, “You’re So Naïve!” It soaked up a lot of hate, mostly from resentful obama supporters who believed that “the world had its vibration frequency ramped up” by his election! My use of the term “mantra” in the first verse is no exaggeration. For Obama can be shown to have used identifiable hypnotic techniques in his speeches with which he wooed his audiences and had them eating out of the palm of his hand. In fact, a very interesting 67-page analysis of Obama’s speeches has been carried out by an expert in hypnotism who believes that they deliberately used hypnotic techniques in order to enrapture the audiences. [See ] This is well worth reading. This analysis is supported by many other experts in hypnosis — especially in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A certified master hypnotist and trainer of hypnotherapy decided to analyze speeches from each of the candidates. He wrote:

“We’ve all heard rumors that governmental figures are using “mass hypnosis” to influence and sway the people of our great nations. Most of the time, this sounds like some silly conspiracy theory. But after all the recent news about the elections, I think it’s time to find out if there’s any truth to the rumors”. [which you can read on the classic NLP website: ].

What he then discovered proves that Obama deliberately used hypnotic techniques to inveigle his audiences. He examined speeches by John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Obama, comparing them for controls to speeches by Bill Gates (low use of hypnotic language) and Adolf Hitler (high use of hypnotic language). He then graded each of them in terms of a percentage of hypnotic language. The results? Gates, 12% hypnotic language; McCain, 18% hypnotic language; Hilary Clinton, 32% hypnotic language; Adolf Hitler, 45% hypnotic language; Barack Obama, 58% hypnotic language. This isn’t sensationalism; these are the cold, hard facts. Obama and his speechwriters plainly understood hypnotic techniques and used them to great effect on their naïve audiences.

As I wrote in the refrain of the song: “The ‘Powers that Be’ are laughing up their sleeve”. Indeed. This song is predicated on the fact that there are those who secretly hold the reins of power — people who have not been elected to hold that power but who hold it nevertheless — people who can control the media (and thus control what you think and how you behave) — people who can start and end wars at will (and who use the media to ensure that you will get the right ‘spin’ about it so you will support them) — people who can gain your approval for all the wars they start by staging false-flag operations which will make you fearful enough to give it to them — people who control the financial institutions and who can thus generate crises which will make you fearful for your wallet. [A false-flag operation is when governments or organisations themselves stage an atrocity, which they blame on others, or create a bogus enemy in order to capitalise on the wave of fear and indignation which it generates, all of which has happened many times in history].

There are a few ways that rulers can intimidate the people and thus manipulate them more easily. In fact, they usually use a three-pronged method of intimidation. The first way is through making the people fearful for their lives, which can be done through permitting or even actually committing widespread terror attacks (aka false-flag operations), resulting in their governments being given vast powers of authority. The second way is to create a general feeling of malaise, via perceived chaos and disorder, which makes people become so traumatized that they are easily manipulated mentally and emotionally by the ‘Powers that Be’. (Just watching The News these days is enough to give you Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome or apoplexy!). The third way is to make people feel so financially insecure and anxious that they will agree to any fiscal package which is proposed by their governments. When all three of these influences are brought to bear on a population, it is easy for a totalitarian (or incipient totalitarian) government to take the reins of power dictatorially.

The power structure of this world is not at all what it appears to be to the unsuspecting and naïve members of the public. It operates on a number of different levels. Externally, one has governments (propped up by international bankers, corporations, police, military and intelligence services) manipulating and pulling some superficial strings, with the media ensuring that the right spin is always fed to the people who must be kept in a continual state of ignorance. But at the next level down, below the level of visibility, there are the military actions, black ops, sordid intelligence agencies and organised crime cartels such as the CIA, NSA, KGB/FSB, MI5/MI6, Mossad and the Mafiosi, etc. (and which all cooperate with each other to maintain the status quo). Then, at the next level down, further below the level of visibility, there are the power-cabals and secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons (higher degrees), the Knights of Malta, the Skull & Bones, etc. At the back of all that, there are the elite dynasties (e.g. the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and Harrimans, etc.) — aristocratic family lines of the world who clandestinely control the direction of world affairs through the banking system and major corporations (of which especially those involved in defence components/contracts, energy production, pharmaceuticals, law firms), etc. It is these who are the real “Powers that Be” which make all decisions relating to your future and who will do all that they can to ensure that only the few truly curious and dogged (who can always be publicly derided as “kooks” and conspiracy theorists) will ever know much about them.

Please tell me how one little man can stand up to that vast network of corruption? Anyone who has dared to take it on has been liquidated. Although the existence of the network really goes back much further in antiquity, one of its first real blatant (i.e. public) intrusion into recent national politics was the killing of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The ‘Powers that Be’ feed on the ignorance and naïveté of the population. They stage an election campaign every few years just to give you the illusion that you have chosen your leader(s). This is the grand illusion. For they are simply getting you to endorse someone who they have earmarked for the job — someone who will do their bidding — someone who has already sold their soul to them for a position of power. When we play their game at election time, we feed their power-games. As the song says, “You’re so naïve; the PTB are laughing up their sleeve”.

The image of the President of the USA which is so often presented in Hollywood films (e.g. Pearl Harbor, Independence Day, etc.), depicting him as a powerful, dependable leader — a safe pair of hands — to whom everyone defers on every issue, is just so wide of the mark as to be laughable. The President of the USA is merely a rotating GUI (Graphical User Interface) to woo the gullible public while the tenebrous characters who really hold the reins of power remain unchanged. Once one realises that the President of the USA does not run the country but that the country is really run by powerful unelected people who run the President, then one also sees that there is a cleverly-devised scheme in place which ensures that they always get their way, no matter who is in office. It is in this respect that the two-party adversarial system is so helpful to their objectives. It appears to the unsuspecting public as though there is a choice, but Republican and Democrat are merely two sides of the same bent coin. Thus, although democracy doesn’t really exist anywhere in the Western world, the ‘Powers that Be’ want to maintain the pretence of it until such time as even all appearances of it will be ready to be dissolved by them, as indeed will happen, for the world isn’t quite ready to acquiesce to totalitarianism, though it will. In the meantime, they work with the system as it is, milking it for all it’s worth.

Most of the extreme requirements of the ‘Powers that Be’ can best be fulfilled during a Republican presidency, when there is more or less a mandate from the voting public to go to war on the pretext of some connived threat and then cause as much destruction and powermongering mayhem in the world as possible. But the ‘Powers that Be’ realise that there has to be some relief from all the darkness, bloodshed and destruction every so often. So their scheme caters for changes of presidency to what looks like a less conservative one, so that people can continue to imagine that they have the power to change the direction of their country and also undergo a degree of catharsis after years of the openly ruinous policies of the previous years of dummy presidency.

The way that the scheme works can be illustrated by the changes of President over the past three decades. First, there was George H.W. Bush from 1989 to 1993. Then William J. Clinton from 1993 to 2001. Then George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009. Then Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. Then Donald Trump until now. The political version of musical chairs. After George H.W. Bush, people were crying out for change, so they got Bill Clinton.

However, after eight years of that, the utopian expectations had not materialised, so change was cried out for yet again. But Bill had only been a cunning sideshow. Now the work of the ‘Powers that Be’ could begin in earnest once again as George W. Bush was elected for a further eight years of destruction and war-criminality, beginning with the events on September 11th 2001 which created a convenient pretext for invasion and taking us through wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, killing more than one million people in the process. If we weigh up the real evidence, we must surely conclude that 9/11 was a classic false-flag operation. It was either enacted by forces directed by the ‘Powers that Be’ or, at the very least, was permitted to happen (i.e. not prevented from happening) by a PTB which saw the advantage of capitalising on such a dreadful event.

But after that, the people were crying out once again for change. They’d had enough, so they got Barack Obama. Too many were beginning to see through the parody of power and dummy democracy which created eight years of destruction and incipient totalitarian legislation. So the ‘Powers that Be’ threw them a bone. “You want a saviour — a Messiah even? Well here he comes. The answer to your hopes and dreams”. Obama. A cool-looking dude who is young and black. What better way to make you think that you are on the brink of utopia in a “post-racial” universe? Suddenly, all the damage done in the previous eight years is dissolved in their minds as they whoop with joy at the false hope paraded before them. They crowed with delight, believing that a new day had dawned for freedom, democracy and world peace. In short, Clinton and Obama were greeted as saviours. Soon, the liberals will be sent someone to save them from Trump!

In this way, the ‘Powers that Be’ played (preyed) upon the hopes and dreams of desperate girls and boys. They had no intention whatsoever of giving up their positions of power. Not at all. But even though you are permitted the illusion of changing the President for one who appears more humane and liberal, the real work behind the scenes does not change at all. And if Obama hadn’t played ball with them, he would have been removed from office and from this life just like John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK went way too far in ringing in his changes. He even wanted to dismantle the CIA. He had to go. A president’s only role, as far as the ‘Powers that Be’ are concerned, is to maintain the status quo. The status quo is about keeping the corporations swimming in money, keeping the military making perpetual war (which also keeps the corporations swimming in money) and keeping the people in ignorance and darkness (which also keeps the corporations swimming in money). Anyone who tries to step beyond those demarcation lines will be “JFKed”.

In 2008, I compiled a detailed article to show how Obama was as corrupt as any other politician. He was a big part of the Chicago scene of political corruption. If you ask me, I can send you that article. It has never been published. I could easily compile a similar article about a corrupt man like Trump. They are all up to their eyes in dirt. These days, I just can’t be bothered putting it all together. Few are interested anyway. They will still go on voting and believing the lie (and supporting darkness).

This is the great failure of “democracy”. It is also one of the coups de grace of the ‘Powers that Be’ in their deception of the people. They get people to put a cross on a piece of paper every four years or so and then tell us that we have partaken in a wonderful thing called Democracy which is worth killing for. They say that many people already gave their lives in order to achieve the vote for us so we must feel super-guilty if we don’t vote ourselves. But, as can be seen in the election of Barack Obama — public opinion is easier to manipulate than a broomstick in a tub of molten lard! To put a cross on a piece of paper every four years and think that we’ve somehow participated meaningfully in the making of a leader and the political process is so woefully inadequate in terms of true democracy as to be utterly laughable.

We imagine we can attain freedom and rid the world of evil by giving high office to some guy who simply has the best PR machine! How ridiculous! Freedom can never be attained by absolving ourselves of responsibility for the world by handing power over to a clever PR manipulator. But the ‘Powers that Be’ want us to believe that this is possible. Even though we’ve been let down over and over again we still continue to believe it, like the punch-drunk boxer who keeps staggering across the ring into the path of his opponent’s glove!

Deflation of the opposition is a key element in getting a guy like Obama into office. This is a major part of the strategy of the ‘Powers that Be’. For as soon as a left-leaning/liberal politician is in what people perceive to be the driving seat of the country, one doesn’t hear a whimper out of radical protest groups in society. Even though policy will remain fundamentally unchanged from the previous order, the left/liberals can be guaranteed to keep their mouths shut because of their doctrinaire mentality which dictates that there should be no dissent in any event while their golden boy is in office. In this manner, the so-called “Yellow Vests” will dissolve into nothingness if a liberal-socialist politician is elected as President in France (or anywhere else for that matter). It’s what I call “The Obama Effect”. Works every time.

Another interesting aspect of all this is that throughout the election campaign, it was almost as if Obama was being presented as a Messiah — the saviour who can make all things right for you and for the world. In fact, a website was actually set up to depict this aspect of the campaign. [See ]. It started off as a tongue-in-cheek venture but grew into an extraordinary repository of the kind of worship which was being paid to Obama. If you visit this site, I promise that you will be astonished by the factual reports you find there. It is a measure of the ignorant desperation in the USA that so many were so willing to ascribe virtual divinity to a man about whom they knew nothing and whose only relationship with them was the groovy repetition of a few empty phrases. Raised on soundbite TV, they easily come to worship a soundbite President. Truly, the dumbing down of this world is almost complete!

“The Earth has Moved”, said one front-page headline after the election of Obama. (Isn’t that what a woman supposedly says after she imagines that she’s had an extraordinary sexual experience?). “It’s a New World”, said another. “The World Changes”, said another. But nothing in the world had changed except that the PR machine of the ‘Powers that Be’ had managed to inveigle the American people into voting the way that they wanted them to. Such headlines were repeated across the world. It was utterly verboten to print anything which would detract from the universal adulation in the media. (The media, being fawning courtiers to the ‘Powers that Be’ rather than investigative journalists who want to be free, know very well how to behave under these circumstances). The same thing happened when Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were elected. We’ve seen and heard it all before. It’s déjà vu encore.

In political terms, hope is one of the emptiest emotions in the universe. It is always based on wishful thinking and delusion. It is just another way of leading you by the nose. These people who raise your hopes are just a graphical user interface put there by the ‘Powers that Be’ in order to make you think you’re getting some really cool guys to fulfil your dreams. But they’re always just as much criminals and shysters as the rightist leaders you despise so much. Thus King Tony Blair regularly played his Fender Stratocaster so he’d look really kool and youthful. [see, e.g., ]. In fact, the war criminal, Blair, was given 24 guitars — including 12 Strats — while he was in office by individuals and organisations such as Fender Musical Instruments, Bryan Adams, Bono, and the Governments of Romania, Mexico, Portugal, China and France!

While he was on the campaign trail, Bill Clinton played the sax in a pair of shades at the Arsenio Hall Show — an act which turned his campaign around as all the jazz folks said he would be “the first black president”! [See and marvel at the audience full of complete suckers!]. Playing his sax was one of his hallmark behaviours in coolness. Boy, do these guys know how to get into the hearts of idealistic young people desperate for someone else to change the world for the better! It’s like all those Church of England vicars in the 1950s who would wear Winklepickers or start a… hold it… coffee bar! or wear shades to woo the punters into their churches! Making yourself look cool is a ‘wicked/random’ thing to do if you want to woo the young and trendy. They’re so desperate for “role-models” that they fall for it every time. The ‘Powers that Be’ know this only too well.

All the ‘celebs’ were “over the moon” when Bill came to power in 1993 (see, for example, this utterly embarrassing footage of singer-songwriter Judy Collins telling how Bill being elected to President was one of the biggest high-spots of her life, ). And where did all that elation end up? On the scrapheap. You’d think folks would have been overcome with déjà vu when Obama stepped onto the podium of presidency. But no. The phoney dream must be kept alive and the ‘Powers that Be’ must maintain the status quo. So long as those patsy presidents and prime ministers play those Strats/Teles and saxophones and look really trendy they can convince the young, naive and gullible that they’re cool and that it is possible to put human beings into power who will make the world into the utopia they so crave. I wonder what cool thing the president who comes after Trump will do?

The election campaign of Obama was a triumph for Public Relations (PR). It is PR which determines the outcome of presidential elections rather than any innate statesmanlike ability on the part of the candidates. Barack Obama spent £500 million ($750 million) on his election campaign. The opposition, John McCain, spent £333 million ($480 million) on his. Money talks — especially in the world of PR and spin via the media. One of the “founding fathers” of Public Relations as we know it today was the Viennese-born Edward L. Bernays (1891-1995) who emigrated to the USA with his parents in 1892. Bernays was the nephew of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. His mother, Anna, was Freud’s sister.

Bernays described his uncle as his mentor whose theories of the “unconscious” influenced his ideas concerning the manipulation of the thinking of the masses. It is widely recognised today that Bernays laid the ground for all the spin-doctoring of today. In late 1991, Life Magazine named him as one of the most influential men in the history of the USA, yet most people have never even heard of him. He was a prolific writer on PR techniques and served as personal PR advisor (spin-doctor) to many of the famous and influential — including US Presidents and other leaders, from Eleanor Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower to Golda Meir (Prime Minister of Israel, 1969-1974).

It was more than ironic that Bernays (who was Jewish) should have been one of the key influences (especially through his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion”) on the life and thought of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda! Bernays’ books lived on Goebbels’ library shelves and shaped the thinking of this Nazi social engineer in his selling of Hitler and his policies to the gullible public. Any portentous bells ringing here?

Bernays’ many books have shaped the manipulative policies of the governments of the Western world throughout the past eighty years. One of these was entitled “Propaganda”, written in 1927. Here are a couple of quotes:

“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it”. [“Propaganda”, Edward L. Bernays, p.71].

And again:

 “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of”. [Ibid].

Bear in mind that Bernays was not at all disapproving of these manipulations but encouraging. Note especially how the phrase “democratic society” has been used here. To read the works of Bernays is to discover the Big Lie which lurks behind all government propaganda — especially concerning their alleged fostering of democracy. All democracy is a form of incipient totalitarianism in disguise. For the people who are elected by the people are not the rulers of their country. As Bernays says, there is “an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”.

In 1955, Bernays edited a book about how democracy should work, entitled “The Engineering of Consent”, a phrase which he actually used as a definition of public relations. Think about that phrase carefully: The engineering of consent. Is that not what so-called democracy today is really all about? The manipulation of the people into making a choice which they think of as their own but which has been dictated for them is the engineering of consent. Is it any wonder that Bernays’ techniques have been so much in use by allegedly “democratic” politicians?

Truly, the legacy of Bernays in political and governmental circles has been massive. Yet most people in the world have never even heard of this man who has shaped their world.

Government propaganda based on PR models of manipulation now moulds and controls people’s minds in ways never before imagined. [See “What Orwell Didn’t Know: Propaganda & the New Face of American Politics”, by Andras Szanto, Public Affairs, 2007]. This was especially so with the UK election of Tony Blair at the helm of the “New Labour” Party, which was merely ‘Stalinism Lite’ disguised as democratic socialism. The election campaign and subsequent victory of Obama was also a triumph of PR and marketing, mingled with naïve people’s desperation for a true statesman. As one observer of public relations states:

“A single public relations professional with access to media, a basic understanding of mass psychology, and a fistful of dollars can unleash in society forces that make permanent winners out of otherwise-evident losers — whether they be products, politicians, corporations or ideas”. [“Toxic Sludge is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry”, John C. Stauber and Sheldon Rampton, Common Courage Press, 1995].

Exactly. Point made.

As stated above “The President is just a rotating GUI (Graphical User Interface) to woo the gullible public while the tenebrous characters who really hold the reins (reigns?) of power remain unchanged”. All he has to do is go along with the status quo and smooth the pathway for the plans of the ‘Powers that Be’. Let’s face it, Presidents have come and gone over the years but no matter who has been in that role the USA has continued to carry out its programme of subversion by stealth of all those countries which can be useful to their cause or which have proved an irritant to it. All the wars and coups d’etats have continued unabated no matter who has been in power. The Democratic party is just as corrupt as the Republican, yet Democrats think they hold the high moral ground. It is all just laughable. Illusions. The world lives in illusions and lives the Lie. Yet, they will ridicule what I am writing here and dismiss me as a “conspiracy theorist” just as surely as a sociopath or narcissist dismisses those who see through him or her as being “delusional”.

No matter who is in the presidential office, there will be no undoing of any of the great evil that has been done by the previous administration. On the contrary, through the Pentagon and the CIA, the US will carry on its policy of subversion and terrorism across the world. The military will carry on waging the illegal wars that the power cabals and corporations want them to wage. Wall Street will continue to embezzle, and the media will continue to muzzle (and bedazzle with trivia and disinformation). As the song attached states: “Business will be as usual; I can guarantee you that”.

What was not realised is that the whole Obamarama roadshow was a mere rehearsal for the events of the future. The ‘Powers that Be’ love to experiment with our psyches to see how far they can go with their audacious mind-control projects and PsyOps [short for Psychological Operations, in which techniques are used to alter people’s behaviour through forms of mind-control and manipulation]. At one time, their experiments would be conducted on a comparatively small, unknown and (from their point of view) ‘expendable’ element of the population (for example, on prison or mental hospital inmates and on Californian hippies). [For proofs of this, see Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain, “Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond” (Grove Press, 1986).  Further details here: . See also George Andrews, “MKULTRA: The CIA’s Top Secret Program in Human Experimentation and Behavior Modification”, Healthnet Press, 2001.  See also the entire transcript of the U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence proceedings on August 3rd 1977, which was set up to look into the abuses of the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind-control experiments which was entitled “Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification”. The index link for this committee’s proceedings can be found here: ].

Today they brazenly toy with the mass of people’s minds in PsyOps-based election campaigns, which are always merely programmes of mind-control. Understanding this process is a vital part of our self-education. In a postscript for a commentary on my song, “You’re So Naïve!”, I wrote these words:

“The world is moving towards a scenario which will make Orwell’s masterpiece, “1984” (essential reading for all self-educators), seem like a boy scout’s garden party. All the elements are falling into place. We need to awaken from our slumber and see the 2008 US election for what it was: The stealing of people’s minds and the swaying of their hearts to accept a Trojan Horse into their lives. That Trojan Horse is the vain belief that our hope and future lies in our salvation by politicians, prime ministers and presidents. It doesn’t, cannot and never will. For there is a script which has already been written which is determining the outcome of the human experiment. The script cannot be rewritten; but the part each of us plays in it can. We can choose to be part of the wilfully ignorant veil of darkness by which this planet is inveigled, or we can dedicate ourselves to the true Light which is the only way that the darkness will be overcome”.

All this was prophesied long ago in texts which, due to propaganda and disinformation, most of the human race now dismisses as nonsensical fantasy. But there really IS a spiritual battle and we are right in the thick of it now — coming to the climax of it, in fact. This has nothing to do with religion, for what people call “Christianity” today is mostly just a joke in the world and part of the corrupt system which Christ came to expose. Do you think that all Christ said was “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”, or “Blessed are the peacemakers”, etc? He also spoke boldly about the way that the world would go in the future, as did his immediate disciples of the time who also spelled out the chaos and degeneracy which would come upon the earth. But most people know nothing of this side of the teaching of the Christ, and most churches (as false representatives of His) will never tell it to you (though some will). However, if you are intrigued and want to know more, I will gladly share more, much more! Maybe you would like me to come and give a talk to your group or in your neighbourhood. Just contact me by personal message or email and it can be arranged very easily. Now is the time to proclaim all this as the climax of this “civilisation” looms into view via globalisation and the establishing of an evil autocracy. Do not be mesmerised by the foolish smokescreen of politics as I see that so many are on social media. All that is just a chimera to draw you away from authentic investigation as to why the world is the way it is and where it is inevitably heading.

Once we begin to understand what lies behind all that we see around us (and I’m not merely referring to the human power-elite, but something far deeper and darker than that), then an exciting spiritual adventure will open up in our lives and a new pathway will be forged before us.


© Alan Morrison, 2019

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