Living-Room Video #35: “The Wallflower Song”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #35: “The Wallflower Song”. Here’s a song I’ve just completed. Only rehearsed it twice, so it’s rough! 🙂 It sums up what it’s like trying to be real in a predominantly fake world. I’m sure that many of you will be able to identify. Recorded here with a cheap webcam and acoustic guitar, it really needs the “big” treatment, with full band and orchestra. That will have to wait till the next album! 😉 Here are the lyrics:

There’s a man whose home is nowhere —
doesn’t walk across the floor;
for his heart belongs to no one
nor is wanted anymore.
All the people scatter from him
like some leaves blown by the wind;
spends his time out on a limb.
In a corner he is pinned.

He is never in the centre
but he’s always at the side;
standing where he can’t be seen
near a door so he can hide.
And no one understands him —
everybody thinks he’s shy.
He doesn’t seek the limelight;
no one knows the reason why.

He’s a wallflower in the shade
Blooming briefly then he fades
He’s a wildflower with no home
Born to live and die alone…

Every social situation
is for him a nightmare time.
Clans and tribes and families
try to falsely force his rhyme.
So he hides out in his castle
with his symphonies and words.
Only free when he’s alone,
he declines to follow herds.

[Vocal Bridge]
Yet in spite of all his island time
in his soul he deeply craves
to be seen by one who knows his heart
and who walks the ‘crazy’ path he paves

He is only passing through here:
It’s a sojourn, not a stay —
just a temporary journey
as he makes his weary way.
So he dreams and fantasises
of a life in other worlds,
as he aches and longs to know why
into bedlam he’s been hurled.

Some have said that he’s Asperger’s
or he’s not right in the head,
’cause they never really understood
all the things he wrote and said.
But he knows a little secret
which within him is the Light;
and it keeps him from despair
as he fights the blessed fight.

He’s a wallflower in the shade
Blooming briefly then he fades
He’s a wildflower with no home
Born to live and die alone…

© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “Living-Room Video #35: “The Wallflower Song”

    djsbzbee said:
    May 2, 2019 at 12:41 am

    I see you’re back in the saddle! I love it. You still have so much to give. Yup, I’m a wallflower too. I’m as friendly as can be and feel welcome everywhere. But I’m not who people run to socially unless they’re in trouble and need a listening heart. I love being available to people but they do drain me, especially if they are shallow. Maybe that’s what people sense. Maybe they are afraid of treading in the deeps. Most people are not really interested in what I have to say. I am a forgotten person. Family doesn’t seek me out. This suits me just fine because I love to hang out in the deep end treading water and to just think and be taught by God. ❤

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