Living-Room Video #36: “Impervious”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #36: “Impervious”. This is a song which I wrote yesterday. It is in a folk style with shades of early music influence. It deserves a lute, shawm, treble (alto) recorder, and viols as accompaniment. The first 4 verses are addressed to the forces of darkness, while the last verse is addressed to the audience. I hope it makes sense to you. Here are the lyrics:

Pierce my heart but leave my soul
as that is not for sale.
You’ve been programmed to control
yet you cannot prevail.
When you come with shiny things,
I’ll be blind to all your charms.
I have heard your sirens sing;
I’ll never fall into your arms.

I have fought you all my days
and in time past you’ve won.
But once I knew your evil ways,
impervious I’ve become.
Now I’m part of heaven’s court,
angels round me form a wall.
Although you still my soul have sought,
You have no power in me at all.

One thing that amazes me
is how you could rebel
against the One who made you free
to choose to darken hell.
How’d you think that you could thieve
power which never was your own?
Were you by your pride deceived
to think that you deserved the throne?

All that hubris in your mind
(I can’t say “in your soul”!)
has defiled all humankind —
fulfilment of your goal.
But in all your ghastly deeds,
you are merely being primed —
allowed to sow your deadly seeds;
so you’ll pay for all your crimes.

So now I turn to you, my friends,
have you perceived this too?
Do you in the false light bask
or are you changed anew?
Soon, in years to come you’ll see
darkness take the world by storm.
Will you stand for Light with me
or will you just conform?

© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “Living-Room Video #36: “Impervious”

    djsbzbee said:
    May 15, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    The whole package is amazing! I love the classic folk music mode for this most ancient battle against our souls by this present darkness. Time for each soul to take a stand or be swept away with the eviltide’s last hurrah before getting thrown onto the garbage heap. There’s no glory in darkness. Why throw away one’s soul for a miserable case of not getting one’s own way, believing the God of all goodness has cheated us in some way? A new heaven and a new earth await us! If God can create the universe, do small time miracles, forgive sin and raise from the dead, He can most certainly make all things new. No regrets in trusting God’s reality. None! The Ancient of Days is not to be trifled with. He cannot be fooled. He cannot be bested by our puny minds or bodies. There is no bar against Him. Better to bust our own egos on the Rock than for the Rock to fall on us and we be ground to dust. Sometimes this just needs to be said: “The Almighty freedom of the Light beats the shithole prison of Darkness all hollow”. Thank you for another great song! ❤

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