LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #37: “Blue-Eyed, Green-Eyed Girl”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #37: “Blue-Eyed, Green-Eyed Girl”. This is a metaphor-laden tale of no-holds-barred love. A lyrical ballad in folk (rock) style, in which you need to let the metaphors wash over you in order to grasp them; for this is from my soul to yours. You can listen to the song by clicking above. Here are the full lyrics:

The Lady of the Lake, she holds
a sword, if men dare take —
enchanting monarchs with her soul
to love their hearts awake.
I found that sword placed in my hand;
the sharpest in the world.
It came with love and kisses from
that blue-eyed green-eyed girl.

For she’s the Lady of the Lake —
a spring of joyful tears —
the perfect lady for a knight
or mighty musketeer.
Only a hero she would love;
a man with myriad dreams.
She puts her hands inside his head
and paints, or so it seems.

When first we met, I saw her eyes;
all jade and ivory pattern
I dived down through the deepest part
and fell into her cavern.
At first, I felt a tinge of fear
of all the deep before me.
But soon my eyes adjusted true
and then I did adore she.

Although her eyes are emerald green,
there’s something else which shines:
A childlike glow of innocence;
that’s why I say “blue-eyed”.
In turquoise twists of glances shared,
which through the air do curl;
I’m drawn into the essence of
that blue-eyed green-eyed girl.

There’s something you should know, my friends
about this green-eyed lady.
For in spite of all the passion shared,
she is still only a ‘maybe’.
For a mountain lies across the path
which runs twixt her and me;
obscuring all that lies ahead —
it’s swathed in mystery.

And now I share my heart with you,
my wide-eared listening friends:
I fear that I may never be
the man to meet her ends.
For I do not come with riches full,
nor have I gold which gleams.
But I only have a wealth of words
with which to weave her dreams.

I wonder if she’ll still be there
when I awake tomorrow.
If there’s a space where she once was,
my heart will fill with sorrow
I’ll fly to see her face once more;
on cotton clouds I’ll glide.
I swear I’ll sleep not one more hour
till she is by my side.

And so my story nears its end,
but only in this song.
I’ve loved that Lady of the Lake —
she’s right where I belong.
I’ve seen her darkness and her light;
I’ve watched her wings unfurl.
She’s in my mind, my heart, my soul,
that blue-eyed green-eyed girl.

© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #37: “Blue-Eyed, Green-Eyed Girl”

    djsbzbee said:
    May 21, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    One of my all-time favorites of yours! I always find a wistful way to lose myself in this honorable, classic love-style. So glad you are bringing it to a wider viewing. It goes a long way in raising the standard of true love to a higher plane.

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