Where Are All the Truly Open People? [prose-poem]

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The ones who do not mind the other seeing inside their hearts;
the ones whose heartfelt overtures will never be false-starts;
the ones who are always open books rather than closed reactions;
the ones who are full of inner joy with no dissatisfaction;
the ones who aren’t offended or triggered when others speak truth or get real;
the ones who know with ease and grace with their hearts to wholly feel;the ones who never “take umbrage” at what other folks may say;
the ones whose outlook, attitudes, are never coloured grey;
the ones whose minds move faster than the meresome speed of light, and yet who love to
share it with the world, by day or night;
the ones who know what playful means and can also just “let go” — who never “bypass”
negatives, for through adversity we grow;
the ones who are developed enough never to bear a grudge;
the ones who will use righteousness when they find that they must judge;
the ones who’ve overcome their conditioning from culture, system, school, religion,
family, peer group, friends;
the ones who do not follow fashion, bandwagons, fads or trends;
the ones who call a spade “a spade” rather than “a helpful metal tool”;
the ones who do not over celebrities, stars or “influencers” drool;
the ones who greet with spirit rather than barricade with stone;
the ones who for the Truth are willing to stand or die alone;
the ones who are wholly of service to others — will sacrifice themselves;
the ones who into everything will detective-likesome delve;
the ones whose mood is rooted in stability and love (rather than whims or hormones)
and whose fiats come from above;
the ones who have died to self and therefore easily live for others;
the ones who are not by their suffering, pain or hard times smothered;
the ones who give both seriousness and gladness equal weight;
the ones whose words and actions will together correlate;
the ones who know how to gently smile and firmly walk away when other folks will start
a fight or raise a vain affray;
the ones who say “just be yourself” when you appear before them;
the ones who are intrigued by all and never experience boredom;
the ones who know this cosmos is a stage play with a not too distant gargantuan end, and
that all within rejecting Truth and Light are self-condemned;
the ones who are not bound by rules invented by mere men. Instead they follow laws divine — this is their regimen.
the ones who keep to the spirit rather than the letter of the law;
the ones who love integrity and always wish for more;
the ones who know they don’t belong upon this fallen sphere — who aren’t deceived by darkness posed as light (this world’s veneer);
the ones who know that Χριστός came two thousand years ago to build a counterculture here (Εκκλησία its name) and through the rescuing of souls all darkness overthrow;

Where are the TRULY open people on this troubled earth — the ones who long for nothing less than full and whole rebirth? Please show yourselves and then we can with one another weave, to be the dissidents divinesomely required — great things will be achieved…



© Alan Morrison, 2019

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