The Time-Traveller’s Treason [double sonnet]

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Time-Traveller's Treason

It’s treason for a traveller of time
to put down granite roots as if to stay.
Inserting more than tent pegs here’s a crime.
The secret truth is this: Life’s just a day!

Therefore, three years is merely but an hour
and every year is twenty minutes flat.
Such knowledge spirit-vision should empower;
new thrust to carpe diem and all that.

Yet, “immortality” somehow is rife;
behaving like we think we’ll never die.
No thought for our demeanour in this life;
our purpose here we never question why.

We entered through a wormhole to the womb;
a brief flame, then another from the tomb.

At that, I heard a voice say to me, loud,
“My knees under this table firmly rest!”
It spoke as if it thought there’d be no shroud
and had no notion that this life’s a test.

I pointed out that table had to rot;
and then those comfy knees would be exposed.
Of his mortality he had forgot,
and that his flesh would soon be decomposed.

Oh, how our minds are easily deceived;
imagining we are autonomous
due to the ego-spell which we have weaved.
(Although our Source is not anonymous!).

For when we realise this life’s so short,
we will with our Creator then consort.



© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “The Time-Traveller’s Treason [double sonnet]

    djsbzbee said:
    Aug 17, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Superbly reasoned! Exactly and all that. Those knees under the table only support the law of diminishing returns. One’s not going to get out of life what one thought was signed up for. Even the thought of what is material is essentially ethereal, temporal. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is still at work. It has not been suspended because someone somewhere decided it was inconvenient to their appetites. “A spiritual law is a searching and discovering law that would dethrone all other rules in the soul.” (Charnock) This sonnet shows me an intimate acquaintance with the spiritual law which elevates the value of a person’s reason above that which they may own. It makes more sense to own reason rather than own an temporal estate! Thank you for challenging the status quo dear friend! You are a master of that skill. 😊 ❤

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