Is Bill Gates Being “Thrown Under the Bus”?

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ANYONE WHO BELIEVES that what they read in the mainstream media (and even in a number of so-called “alternative” media outlets which function as controlled opposition) has not been fed to them by intelligence networks tied to the power-elite is living in cloud-cuckoo land. To believe in “a free press” is the height of delusional thinking. Consider this quotation: “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month”. (For those who don’t know the phrase, a “call-girl” is a prostitute). Now that comes from the mouth of a CIA operative in discussion with Philip Graham, former owner of the Washington Post and husband of Katherine Graham, about the availability and prices of journalists who were willing to peddle intelligence network propaganda and cover stories in the mainstream media. You don’t hear that being said in the film called “The Post”! But it is revealed on p.131 in the book “Katherine the Great: Katherine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire,” by Deborah Davis (Acacia Press, 1991). The mainstream media (and those “alternative” media which are merely controlled opposition) is simply a mouthpiece for government and power-elite propaganda, soaked up by a population dumbed-down by decades of TV hype, media lies, government disinformation, and programmed education.

One of the most noticeable workings of the mainstream media is the way that certain people are vilified, and their reputations trashed through “leaks” and gutter press reports. You can follow the patterns across the whole panoply of newspapers and TV stations. You begin to notice when certain characters are being ‘bigged-up’ in an almost identical manner. This is when they want you to be influenced by them. At a later time, suddenly, you will notice that those same people are having detrimental stories leaked about them. This applies especially to politicians (or whistleblowers among their ranks). In this way, they can create the buzz for a new government to be elected and an old one to be taken down. You can see the patterns so clearly if you are objective enough and don’t get caught up in their games..This same ‘scripting’ is used with prominent paedophiles and other sexually-compromised characters who, because of their disreputable proclivities, are compromised and can therefore be used for whatever purposes are required by the intelligence networks. So, for years, the DJ, BBC entertainer and philanthropist, Jimmy Savile, was lauded in the media as a national treasure and protected from any slurs about his sexual proclivities until the day came (less than one year after his death in 2011) for him to be taken down and publicly shamed. It was plainly a bloodletting exercise, as it was known Savile was a predator since an investigation in 1958, yet he was protected from exposure. Even when the lovely BBC TV “Crimewatch” presenter Jill Dando had tried to conduct her own investigation into paedophilia within the BBC, she was assassinated on her doorstep in 1999 (with the true assassin never found, though a guy was jailed for the crime at the time then eventually released exonerated). All those who had tried to expose him (including Johnny Rotten [John Lydon] of the punk group, the Sex Pistols, who said he was banned from the BBC in 1978 because of what he said about Savile) were vilified, until his fall was programmed. The same fate was that of prolific entertainer and another national treasure Rolf Harris, plus the celebrity publicist Max Clifford, and many more, including, more recently, Jeffrey Epstein, who was used for years by Mossad and other agencies to create compromising sexual situations for public figures (including royalty, politicians, and celebrities) so that there would be a hold over them. Everyone is expendable in the constellation of the power-elite. If it is deemed necessary, they will be ‘thrown under a bus’ and ‘hung out to dry’.

All these predators go for years under a protected status until the moment has come for there to be an arranged ‘fall from grace’ for one reason or another. In this way, they become scapegoats as a form of bloodletting, making it look to the gullible public as though “something is being done” to deal with corruption. But they only feed you comparative minions. The most evil people of all continue with their dastardly lifestyles unabated. It is they who run your world. As soon as the derogatory leaks to the press about a certain character begin, one has to wonder what that person has done — whose toes in high places has he or she trodden on — or in what way have they transgressed against the power-elite, or become no longer useful to them, so that there is a virtual contract out on them? Maybe they talked to someone about secret things which should have remained secret. There will always come a point when such people know too much for their own good and must be dispensed with.

My reason for bringing this up now is because I’m wondering what Bill Gates has done to ruffle the feathers of his handlers, for there is suddenly a targeted media campaign against him. For years, and especially for the past 18 months or so, Bill Gates has been the poster boy for medical philanthropy and vacksynayshun-chic, and he could do no wrong. Most of the main players in the whole coevyd psyop have received considerable funding from him. However, now that the coevyd vacksynayshun programme is well under way, we are suddenly being assailed with a derogatory media campaign about his divorce, his affairs, his sexual harassments, and are specifically told that his wife left him when she found out he had been meeting prolifically with Jeffrey Epstein. She is definitely distancing herself from him, but that really may have nothing to do with Epstein. I am watching this theatre with interest and wondering why his wife and the media have been permitted to throw him under a bus, to hang him out to dry — for until now he was completely protected from criticism. Could it be because he has served his purpose now that the vacksynayshun programme is being realised. I read about some QAnon style source claiming that he had “switched sides”. Not only is that totally unlikely but such a source (like QAnon was) is about as trustworthy as gas station sushi! Maybe it is just a temporary blip to remind him about who really owns him. Anyway, keep your eyes open and watch this space. This world is becoming, as Alice cried out in chapter 2 of Lewis Carroll’s “Adventures in Wonderland”, ‘curiouser and curiouser’.

© Alan Morrison, 2021

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One thought on “Is Bill Gates Being “Thrown Under the Bus”?

    zodiac340x said:
    May 20, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    I was thinking the same thing. My feeling is he was doing too much damage to the great reset agenda and was actually creating more vackseen hesitancy and overall being a creep who was the worst poster boy you could employ for the role he was assigned, the vackzine patent story also looked bad as well as people waking up and asking what the fuck does Bill Gates have to do with all of this, he’s the computer nerd. It may seem unlikely but I think they are switching tactics, covid failed to do what the reset planners needed, all bad tastes must be washed away, Gates, Newsome and so on.

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