Gaslighting and its Antidote

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At this point, I want to delve into the psychological term known as “Gaslighting”. The origin of the word is in the title of the 1944 film, “Gaslight”, directed by George Cukor, in which a man of nefarious intent tries to drive his wife insane through subtle manipulations and sleights of hand. In one instance, when his wife tells him that she has heard footsteps in the attic and seen the gaslights flicker, he tells her it is all in her imagination. In actual fact, the reason for the footsteps and flickering gaslights is because her husband keeps going to the attic to rummage around searching for her family jewels.  When he turns on the lights in the attic, the lights elsewhere in the house momentarily flicker. He hopes to get his wife committed to a mental institution so that he can gain power of attorney over her and thus control all family finances. At the same time, he wanted his wife to believe that he loved her when the very opposite was true. So, we are now in a position to formulate a definition of gaslighting — the term having been used since the 1960s. Gaslighting is making someone believe that something ISN’T real when it is, and making them believe that something IS real when it isn’t. Thus, gaslighting involves making someone doubt their own reality and substituting a completely false reality — the one imposed upon them by their abuser.

Such a campaign to make someone question their own sanity or make others regard someone sane as losing touch with reality are classic methods used in a domestic abuse situation, where one partner seeks to gain control over the other. Obviously, such manipulation of the mind is nothing new in human relations. Whenever any person or body of persons wishes to gain control over another person or body of persons, gaslighting is one of the primary methods used. It only started to be called that some sixty years ago, but it has been practised from time immemorial. Empires have been built on it. Royal courts have flourished on it. Anywhere that there is a victim to abuse, whether an individual, a group, or a mass of people, gaslighting will be used. The one doing the gaslighting presents their view of reality as the true one and the victim of the gaslighting is made to believe that their perceptions are not only erroneous but possibly insane. One day, the abuser will behave immaculately, making the victim of the abuse think they must be imagining things. Next day, the abuser will engage in much manipulation and even threats, followed by another day of perfectly lovely spousal behaviour. The use of mixed messages, from parents towards children or one spouse to another, is a sure way to get the victim to doubt their sanity and thus fall under the abuser’s control.

In totalitarian regimes, dissidents are made to believe that they are in need of psychiatric treatment or enforced behavioural alteration. “You need to have your mind adjusted, comrade. Big Brother is not a cruel despot but is our Great Leader who should be revered as such, having your protection, security, and best interests at heart”. Sure. Maintaining such a regime can only function and continue on the basis of the population being continually gaslighted. Reality is stood on its head, for the dissident is the one with the true perception, while most of society regards him or her as being completely insane, to be shunned and disregarded. This is why being a dissident is such a lonely ride.

Of course, it would be universally accepted that totalitarian regimes use such gaslighting manipulation. But even those governments which people regard as being “democratic” use manipulative gaslighting in the event of any persistent dissidence towards official government policy. It may be subtle to start with. The word will be put out that you are eccentric or slightly bonkers. Next, derogatory rumours will abound about your unstable relationships and dodgy behavioural history. You will be sidelined as a “conspiracy theorist”. Photographs which only show you looking batshit crazy and unstable will proliferate. Eventually, it will be said that you are a dangerous influence in a democratic society. The public will by then have been successfully gaslighted about you, because they will have been manipulated into seeing things about you as being real when they are not. In fact, even the use of terms such as “conspiracy theorist” or “tin-foil hat wearer” is a form of gaslighting, making people believe that the one believing in the conspiracy is insane, and even the dissident will be made to feel as if s/he is somehow going insane. “Conspiracy? What conspiracy? Are you completely mad? How dare you make such assertions about hard-working public servants”. Bla-bla.

The use of so-called “factcheckers” on social media is a form of gaslighting, whereby truth is denied and falsehood is affirmed. To describe those who whitewash corruption as “factcheckers” is classic gaslighting! They are whitewashers, not factcheckers! By calling them “factcheckers” when they debunk truth, one is being manipulated into seeing something as not being real when it is. That is gaslighting. It reminds me of the way that ministries in the book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, are the very opposite of the names they were given. Thus, the Ministry of Truth drives propaganda through the false output of the media; the Ministry of Peace really oversees war; the Ministry of Plenty actually suppresses the distribution of resources; and the Ministry of Love specialises in torturing political dissidents. Pure gaslighting. In today’s world, so-called “factcheckers” really function as fact-suppressors! Orwellian gaslighting. In fact, Orwell coined the ultimate gaslighting idea in “Nineteen Eighty-Four” when he wrote: “In the end, the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy”. To manipulate someone into denying external reality is pure gaslighting.

For the past fifteen months, the current panndemmick has only been able to be policed through vigorous gaslighting of the public, who are made to believe something is real when it isn’t. Often, the rules declared have been contradictory and keep changing so often that one cannot keep up and I know of many who have begun to doubt their sanity, so confused have they been. Anyone who thinks this is not deliberate is intentionally naïve. It is almost like a form of torture. Of course, traditional torture systematically uses gaslighting to confuse the victims and drive them to insanity and the edge of despair. This manipulation of the public has not only been carried out through cleverly-worded and alarmist government announcements but also through the use of the British Army’s psychological warfare unit, known as the 77th Brigade. Instead of being used against foreign enemies, as it should be, there are now masses of members of this unit (who are essentially geeky soldiers) engaged in acting as trolls and subversive commenters on social media. When you engage in a dialogue with someone on Fakebook concerning the current medical situation, you have no idea if you are speaking to an ordinary person or a member of the psychological warfare unit of the British Army. They are all over cyberspace propagandising and overturning anything which casts doubt on the government narrative. This is unprecedented. Making out as if your doubts about it all are unreal. Mass gaslighting.

Some of you may not believe what I have written in the above paragraph. Just do your own research. It is right there reported in the mainstream media in a mass of articles. They do not even care if you know. You are being gaslighted left, right and centre. As further evidence of this, on 2nd April 2021, an article appeared in the Daily Telegraph with the headline and rider:

State of fear: how ministers ‘used covert tactics’ to keep scared public at home. Government’s ‘psychological strategies’ to manipulate unwitting public’s behaviour may backfire and lead to long-term damage, experts claim”.

And in an extract from the article, one regular (plainly dissenting) attendee of the U.K. government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies committee (SAGE) said of the lockdown policy and the way that it has been implemented:

“The British people have been subjected to an unevaluated psychological experiment without being told that is what’s happening. All of this is about trying to steer behaviour in the direction an elite has decided, rather than deciding if it is the right thing or the ethical thing to do.”

They have been trying to manipulate you into believing that this is the equivalent of the Black Plague or Ebola, when it isn’t. In other words, they have been gaslighting you. In reality, all of the lockdown episodes are a planned psychological operation (Psyop) designed to gaslight the public through behaviour modification. It is plainly all a clever exercise in control to see how far they can go and what they can get away with, and thereby weighing up what can be used in future exercises. In a later section, I will show how that has been put into practice by spooks. (It has also been part of a massive cull of the weak and those who the power-elite regard as no longer of use to them, as I show in another section). In one of the offices of the 77th Brigade, there is a huge poster on the wall which says, “Behavioural change is our USP”. (“USP” is short for the sales jargon phrase “Unique Selling Point”). Everyone is being sucked into becoming patsies for the government and its nefarious intentions. It is all about control. Of you! The entire running of the panndemmick has been an exercise in control, backed up by behavioural psychologists working hand in glove with spooks plus the 77th Brigade psychological warfare unit of the British Army keeping everything in check online. The reach of these people is tentacular. Even the Head of Editorial for Twitter in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia (EMEA), Gordon Macmillan, is a member of the 77th Brigade! This is not a joke. You can easily verify it for yourself. All this is truly creepy stuff right off the pages of a John Le Carré novel. If Le Carré was still alive now, I am certain he would soon be writing a book about the sinister nature of everything surrounding this panndemmick. The involvement of behavioural psychologists and the use of spooks to change public behaviour and that of the army’s psychological warfare unit to enforce it, coupled with the emotional blackmail of people so they will be submissively willing to be jacked up with dubious medical substances would be right up Le Carré’s street!

Please educate yourself about how you are being manipulated by your government. There is no democracy anywhere. Even governmental elections are a form of mass gaslighting. Every few years you trot down to a polling booth and put an “X” on a piece of paper (or some other gadget) as a result of how you have been manipulated by the media. That is the sum total of your input! And you call it democracy — a word which comes from Greek words meaning people-power. Democracy, schmemocracy! What a joke! This is known psychologically as “engineered consent”. Your consent to give the government the power to do whatever the hell it wants has been cleverly engineered. By calling it “democracy”, you are being manipulated into believing that something (your power to choose government) is real when it is not. That is gaslighting. For those folks who you vote for are simply part of a graphical user interface behind which lies a power-elite which really controls the way the world is run. If you do not bother to vote because you see right through the whole charade, people try to shame you and make you step down from your principles and doubt your insights by aggressively asserting, “People died so you have the right to vote”. In other words, they are trying to manipulate you into believing that your very real insights into the farcical nature of elections is not founded on reality. That, my friends, is gaslighting. I always reply to them, “Well, what a pointless sacrifice that was — to give up their lives so that folks can put an ‘X’ on a ballot every few years so that politicians can lie and betray your trust. There are infinitely better things to die for.” It doesn’t matter one iota who you vote for; whoever is “in office”, the same evil will be unleashed on the world to further the ends of the building of an empire of darkness. Politics is just a theatre, and the lighting is gas. If everyone realised what is really going on, their hair would stand on end with horror when they realise how they have been fooled. This entire world functions on the basis of gaslighting: Manipulation and deception. Almost everything involving humans is fake. And the majority love it that way, otherwise the harsh reality would be too much to handle. But handle it we must — face up to it we must — or we will be taken utterly by surprise when we are trampled on by jackboots and become pawns in an increasingly vicious game.

You may say to me, “Alan, that is a very pessimistic view of humanity and this planet”. It is not pessimism which buttresses my way of thinking but a realistic view of the current corruption of human nature, which I will be taking you through in the course of this article. In the final section you will see that my hope does not lie in this present temporary phase of humanity in all its corruption and deception, but in what will come after its enforced supernatural transformation, which can only be alchemised by powers beyond our imagination after the corruption and deception have, of necessity, come to their head and have shown their true and hideous colours. This present age is one in which we are duty-bound to make a choice as to whether we serve the empire of darkness and play along with the corruption and deception, or whether we involve ourselves in exposing that empire of darkness and simultaneously devote ourselves to the propagation of Light.

Ultimately, our understanding of, and solution to, the madness that we see in the world today is a spiritual one. For the only antidote to gaslight is supernatural Light. When we realise that completely, as I will expand on below, we will discover who we really serve and what we must do with that service.

[Extracted from an article on which I am working, entitled “$cientistic Dictatorship: The Use of False Science & Medicine to Control Society”, which virtually no one will read as it is so far more than 22,000 words long, so I’m extracting it bit by bit to ensure that at least some of it gets read 😉]

© Alan Morrison, 2021

[The copyright on my works is only to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

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    Yes! Well said. Exactly, This kind of light is just gas touched by sulfur (brimstone). Truly as old as the hills whenever there is power and money to be gained. And the question: Who will inherit the earth? “Say not that you know a man until you come to share an inheritance with him. ‘ ~ Latimer

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