More on the Jacky Sutton alleged “Suicide”:

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Quote from the Daily Mail: “Lorna Tychostup, who worked with [Jacky] in 2010, said: ‘I lived with her in Baghdad in her compound in her villa [for] at least four months. I saw her under a tremendous amount of stress. She handled herself with dignity, with strength. So it’s nonsense [to say she was] crying because she missed a flight. The idea that she would not have funds to take her wherever she wanted is ludicrous. She definitely rattled cages. I’m sure she had some people who didn’t like her in places of power.”

The Flaky Chick Phenomenon

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or Entitlement Princess Syndrome

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One of the most noticeable developments of recent years is the huge increase in emotional disorder amongst women in general in the the world today. The fact that people can now express their every whim freely 24/7 on social media means that this disorder is increasingly manifest. In short, flaky chicks are now a big phenomenon on social media. Here is an in-depth analysis and deconstruction of this phenomenon, its likely causes and any possible cures. Please click on the link below to read the article:

PDF: The-Flaky-Chick-Phenomenon.pdf

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Subtlety [prose poem]

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That is something I love more than so much else in this kitschly oafish world. I’d rather have a ripple than a swell — an aroma rather than a smell — an understated presence which unobtrusively waits with calmness to be seen (knowing that it will, by those who are attuned to its gentle shower’s evergreen). A cultivated hybrid rose cannot outdo a wild and meadowed flower. A patient talent doesn’t crassly bang its drum (because it knows what placidness will help it to become). A dynamic whisper rather than a yell (sleeve-tugging propaganda always rings a tawdry bell). The flicker of a smile instead of cheesy grins. The delicate and unposed face which you can wake up next to every day without becoming bored. (Love-letters writ in lowercase will much more likely strike a chord). The quiet confidence of self-composure rather than the swaggered boast of self-exposure. Subtlety: the lost art of today. How much more attractive is nuance rather than noise — Nestor rather than Narcissus! — openness over plots and ploys. Such will be the character of the phoenix world to come, whose strings already here I strum for we can live the future now as the gentle vital avant-garde — no more we’ll have to slip and slide on gore within this bloody abattoir. But what I love above all else about the touch of subtlety is that it makes you look and listen with far more than merely eyes and ears (though first you need to understand your darkness and your fears). It expands the imagination, nurtures sensitivity, encourages creativity, takes away all bitterness as well as helps you love the moon (identifies the secret tune you play). Subtlety is the door to the art gallery of wisdom.

Follow your (He)art!

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FOLLOW YOUR (HE)ART!… If you were to ask me, from my experience, what is the single most important advice I would give today to any aspiring musician, songwriter, poet, writer, dancer, photographer, filmmaker, painter, sculptor or artist of any kind, it would be this: “Follow your art!” You’ll notice that there is only a slight phonetic variation between that phrase and “Follow your heart”. One could even say that the two phrases are synonymous; for if you follow your heart, you will naturally follow your art.

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Dear CIA, NSA, FBI, SIS, GCHQ, etc.

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A while back, I wrote a letter to you asking some questions and sharing a few thoughts about the way the world is going and your part in it (and, ultimately, the end of you). You didn’t reply. So here is an updated edition of that letter.

Of course, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but… actually, that’s not true… I know you ARE reading it (for everything written on Facebook is monitored for you through Akamai Technologies Inc. and ends up in your Open Source Center on that faceless industrial estate in Virginia where your vast team of so-called “Vengeful Librarians” vet its content). So this is a personal note from me to you. From my heart to yours (if you still have one left after all the skulduggery and dissimulation in which you’ve been involved over the years). Please don’t just add this to all the other things you’ve logged which I’ve written; because this is different to the rest. Whereas all my other stuff has been pilfered by you without my permission — and no doubt wrongly interpreted and misappropriated in your paranoid, one-dimensional view of the world — this one is being deliberately written to you.

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How to say “Goodbye!” to your self

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THREE DAYS AGO, I put one of my poems on here, entitled “Today, I Bid myself Goodbye”. I then received a message saying: “Hey, Alan, are you depressed? Why would you want to say goodbye to yourself. That’s weird”. So I have written this article as a form of reply. Although I am grateful for this guy’s concern, I must say that I am not at all depressed. On the contrary! I can, however, understand why some may be unfamiliar with the idea of saying goodbye to one’s self. So this is a kind of commentary on the poem designed to show what I meant by it.


Firstly, I should say that saying goodbye to your self does *not* mean that there will be no ego whatsoever. One would cease to exist if that occurred! One does actually need some healthy aspects of ego purely in order to survive in this world. Neither is it a reference to any kind of suicide, which some might think on a superficial reading of the title.

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Making Proper Charlies out of Us

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Before we get to talk about the recent events in Paris (which the title of this piece clearly references), let’s have an extended introduction to provide a background to those events — a kind of quick “what’s-going-on-in-the-world-for-dummies” glimpse of the global stage which has inexorably led to where we are now. You see, the events in Paris have not occurred in a vacuum. For it is a very dark world in which we currently live. I know you may want to believe otherwise and your positive thinking guru will have misleadingly told you that you shouldn’t ever think about all this because it creates “negative energy” (a buzz phrase which is thrown around gratuitously like confetti among New Age wannabes). But exposing the negative is actually positive! For it shows us what we are really dealing with in the world, how to live in a right and authentic way while it is happening, as well as filling us with encouragement. Now you may say: “What! How could thinking about a dark world possibly fill us with encouragement?” It will do that because I will ensure that it is put in a beautiful context that will show you where the light is in all of this. So… please walk with me for a while…

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