Extravaganza [song lyric]

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The blossom blooms through frosty nights
Its show now tinged with sun
Each time it fills my eyes with tears
My heart is all undone

I’m sure that it did not design
To be so brightly made
Its luminescence makes me know
Our love did start to fade

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Wrong Place – Wrong Time [song lyric]

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I’ll tell you something straight
And I say it not in hate
I hope you’ll listen well to what I say
You’ll think it isn’t fair
But you need to be aware
Of something that may just get in the way

There’s no hard feelings meant
It isn’t heaven-sent
The message that you need to understand
Please do not be offended
There’s no offence intended
If you can’t take my words or hold my hand

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Fragments [song lyric]

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there’s a fire in the attic
there’s a furnace in the hall
and the restless heart within you
is a stone’s throw from the wall
there’s a hailstorm in the window,
there’s a torrent in your soul
and the fat cats in the corridor
are looking for the hole

there’s thunder in the chimney
there’s a desert in the bed
and all the strength has drained from you
through something that you said
there’s a typhoon in the windmill
and an iceflow in the bay
with a plot to tie your laces up
and take your toys away

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Played and Lost [song lyric]

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I played the game of love and then I lost
I knew not that it was a game at first
But now I paid the price at such a cost
All future close liaisons will be cursed

I loved a girl; she said that she loved me
She told me that she thought I was The One
But nothing in this game of love comes free
Especially living near the midnight sun

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Till I Met You [song lyric]

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Till I met you
I never wanted to fulfil
a woman’s every dream
to want to find solutions to
her every whim and scheme

Till I met you
I never thought that I could be
in someone’s company
and never want to be unhooked
and never to be free

Till I met you
I never talked on telephones
for timeless hours of woo
or till the battery faded out
whichever first came through

Till I met you
I never wished that I could be
forever by a side
I never wished my lover said
“when I become your bride”

Till I met you
I never had orgasmic waves
just looking in some eyes
or barely touching fingertips
(I swear I almost died)

[I will miss those timeless rides
to the moon and back again
Dazed that everything could die
With a dread dash from my pen]

Till I met you
I never thought that time would stand
as still as silent leaves
I never had a Golden Box
upon which hung two keys

Till I met you
I never saw a smile which burned
its way into my soul
while laughingly ensuring that
I never would grow old

Till I met you
I never thought that I would bring
an idyll to an end
but Ice Queen frolic freezer types
I’ll never comprehend


© 2011, Alan Morrison

Stockholm Cowgirl [song lyric]

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I met a girl from Stockholm
A cowgirl (so she said)
Impressive in her rhinestones
She seemed a thoroughbred
But at the time I didn’t see
The spurs she wore below
Received her rattler snakebite
But I had no antidote

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The Rising [song lyric]

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Did you want to take yourself away in space –
lose yourself without a trace and be alive?
Listen hard with something other than your mind;
then so strangely you will plainly come to find
that you can hear the heartbeat of the world –
its secret soul unfurled.
It’s raw. What’s more,
you’ll ache for all the pain that power brings
and realise that you can simply sing
to heal it all –
just heed the call
to rise…

How did we come to reach this point
where everything seems out of joint?
The answer is discovered deep inside;
and then we have to swim against the tide

With courage we must act as one –
the power of words against the gun,
so we can look our children in the eye;
with love for every speck beneath the sky

Come with me and take my hand in harmony.
Make a stand and know you’re free to be yourself.
Do not fear the consequences of your deeds.
Now the time has finally come to fulfil needs.
You’ll find when you unlock the prison door,
the bird inside will soar
on wings and sing.
You’ll know in what direction you should go.
Towards your future you can truly flow
to heal it all –
just heed the call
to rise…

© 2011, Alan Morrison